NewsLog Vol. 42 No. 5 Jan/Feb 2012

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We heard you! It’s no longer necessary for you to log in to get to your new GBA NewsLog. Just click the link above. Open the PDF and read it from cover to cover, or use the interactive index to get straight to the story or feature that interests you. As usual, our latest issue – January/February 2012 – is PACKED with great information.

  • Have you reserved for GBA’s 2012 Spring (Annual) Meeting in Orlando? Rumor has it that this may be one of the most popular meetings in years, even for those who don’t leave the hotel!
  • GBA’s new 2012-2015 strategic plan is guiding us to the future. Is it aspirational? Probably no less aspirational than the 2009-2012 strategic plan, whose every target we bull-eyed!
  • GBA’s “Fund for the Future” is a new name for what used to be the “Foundation for the Future.” Why the name change? Because the efforts we’re funding have been more successful than we ever thought possible!
  • What do you call the folks who’ve replaced our New Leaders? The new New Leaders. And the folks who used to be the New Leaders? Leaders! (Who gnu?)
  • What do private-equity firms see as a hot new growth opportunity? In a word, infrastructure.
  • How do you spell opportunity? ND.
  • If topics like leadership development, financial management, delivering value, business expansion, PPP and DB, health and safety, implementing change, increasing productivity, and enhancing the image of geoprofessionals are important to you, extensive coverage of each is available at the touch of a mouse. Thank you Business Practices Committee!
  • Have you heard about ASFE-Squared? It’s a fun way to learn about social networking brought to you by our Education and New Leaders’ Committees.
  • Employers are not getting as much value as they could from their training programs and processes, a new study finds.
  • Study reveals IT managers’ computer issues. It all comes down to something you've heard before: “The bitterness of low quality lingers long after the sweet taste of low price is forgotten.”
  • How do you get the Microsoft Office suite on your iPad? Easy!
  • Aloha, Hawaii. New rule: Considering only price is dumb!
  • Pennsylvania dumps antiquated joint-and-several-liability rules.
  • Research in Taiwan leads to new technique for predicting slope failure.
  • No joke: A guy walks into a bar...
  • If you want to earn more than anyone else coming out of college, you should major in what, do you suppose? Hint: It begins with an E.

And let’s not forget these great features!

  • From the Bench covers a decision that reaffirms that the standard of care engineers must adhere to is what area peers do when engaged for similar assignments at the same time, not what should happen in heaven (assuming heaven is operated by plaintiff’s attorneys and their hired-gun experts).
  • Human Resources has some suggestions on how to correct Millennials without having them stomp out in a rage.
  • Business 101 asks, “What can possibly go wrong?’ You need to know...and what to do about it.
  • Professional Selling homes in on business cards, and why yours may be denying you an important opportunity.
  • The issue’s Editorial has at “work/life balance.” The editor believes it’s all wrong.
  • Road Warrior has suggestions for maintaining power on the way.
  • Doctor English is not limited to.
  • You’ve Just Got To Be Kidding features a video for the first time, and you won’t believe what you see.
  • Grape Press gushes eloquent on some fabulous Pinot Noirs from a small, waaaaay underpriced winery in California, and – believe it or not – a seriously underpriced 2009 Bordeaux.
  • Thought for the Issue asks a question: What happens to a load of concrete that’s rejected by a GBA-Member Firm’s CoMET field representative?

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