NewsLog Vol. 42 No. 6 Special New Year 2012 Issue

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The newest GBA NewsLog is ready for your viewing pleasure. The special New [Fiscal] Year’s edition is yours by clicking the link above. Highlights include:


If a nationally syndicated columnist says it’s so, then geotechnical engineering is a “highfalutin endeavor unintelligible to most people.” What?
Do you need to participate in GBA’s new writing-improvement webinar series? Take this simple quiz to find out. No fair relying on a fourth-grader for answers!
Dave Schoenwolf takes the GBA helm for 2012-13.
2011-12 President David Gaboury wraps up a year of extraordinary progress. It takes a lot of wrapping paper!
FOPP 21 participants were given a chance to get back at the evil task masters who operate Fundamentals of Professional Practice. What was the one thing they all agreed on? That they’d recommend the course to others.
The new GBA app is here. We asked a few users about their impressions. They said, “Don’t bother us now. We’re using the great new GBA app.”
Gaze into the crystal ball. That’s what our Emerging Issues and Trends Committee did, and now they tell you what they saw. Buckle up!
Accreditation, certification redundancy. It wastes time and money. GBA has taken on the challenge; Woody Vogt is in the lead-dog position. And he’s making progress (along with others). We will get there!
How do you spell great? By joining the GBA Round-up, the way these firms and individuals did.
Hats off to David Lourie, Jay Martin, and Jim Withiam. They’re the three newest GBA Fellows.
Engineering firm CEO sentenced to prison. Convicted for bribing Nigerian officials.
Advertising is back! It’s been a while since GBA accepted ads in NewsLog, but we’re doing it again. On the website, too. Interested? Move fast. Space is truly limited.
Will Congress cross that bridge? Not if it uses fracture-critical design, we guess.
Do we still carry those great columns? Of course we do. Some of them are…
From the Bench: Third-party-reliance restrictions work, a judge has ruled. “When it says you cannot rely on it, you cannot rely on it.”
Professional Selling: “There’s a recession? I must have missed it.” What’s the business/profit secret this geoprofessional has discovered?
Business 101: Gross National Happiness? You’re kidding, right?
Human Resources Management: The Department of Labor is taking a close look at internship programs. Want them to like what they see at your firm? Read this column!
Dr. English: “Neither snow nor rain nor….” Wrong!
Editorial: Engineering licensing boards should care about the continuing qualifications of registrants at least as much as they care about their PDHs.
Road Warrior: Car-rental companies still let you cancel without penalty. But what if they don’t have a car when you want one?
Grape Press: “Iberia. Can you?” was the theme of GBA’s most recent wine tasting. Wine prices ramged from $13 to $40. Guess which ones won.
You’ve Just Got To Be Kidding: Seriously. A John Wilkes Booth bobblehead? Puhleeeez.

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