NewsLog Vol. 43 No. 1 May/Jun 2012

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The newest GBA NewsLog is ready for your viewing pleasure by clicking the link above. Highlights include:


Want to reward your rising stars with the experience of their career?  Send 'em to FOPP. Bwa-ha-ha-ha!


Does this sent hence look like something you (or your staff) mite have ridden? The latest in GBA's series of webinars on writing. 
What do you get when you replace engineers with MBAs? GM found out.
While Congress debates whether and how to fund infrastructure, private investors have stepped in to help Chicago.
Stop wasting your time looking at plans. Old ones, anyway.
Pesky statute of repose limiting your ability to collect damages? Just pass a law. Minnesota did.
TV ad campaign promotes engineeering! Really!
Save time with a new program from ACPA that calculates concrete-pavement thickness.
Another great quarter! How does Terra do it? Dave Coduto tells all.
Doing a site investigation for a client who doesn't own the land? A new model document from GBA helps smooth the way.
When does an HREC become a REC? You can help decide. Find out how from GBA Past President Jerry Samford as he discusses the current revision to ASTM E1527.
Just in case you find yourself near a courtroom, be sure to have to the latest versions of GBA's Limitation of Liability and Economic Loss Doctrine Bibliographies close at hand.
"Sure, I can do that - just as soon as I finish this." Does multi-tasking really get more done?
Engineers don't have to produce an artistic masterpiece (though they can!), but the dean of the University of Texas at El Paso says we need to produce "renaissance engineers" today.
Water, water, and more water: Several articles in this issue look at the need for greater investment in water-related infrastructure. Hark, is that the sound of opportunity knocking?
Indemnitee, indemnitor - can't we all just pay fair? It's better in Washington now. 
And our usual array of excellent (if we do say so ourselves!) columns:
From the Bench: Colorado law protects homeowners - but not commercial entities claiming to be like them. Phew!
Professional Selling: Got a trusted advisor? Good. Now become one.
Human Resources Management: How to cut your HR costs by as much as $31,000+ per employee?  Keep them!
Meeting Management: "How about tomorrow?" "Nope, got my kid's soccer game to go to."  "How about Wednesday?" "Nope, presentation deadline." "Next Monday?" "Nope, retirement party." Think there's got to be a better way? There is. 
Dr. English: "Who dat?"
Editorial: Engineers vs. ice cream - who do you think wins?
Grape Press: Getting into our summer whites.
You’ve Just Got To Be Kidding: In burglary, the third time's the charm!

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