NewsLog Vol. 43 No. 2 Jul/Aug 2012

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The July/August GBA NewsLog is ready for your review by clicking the link above. Some great stuff is contained, in part:

  • ASCE Paper Could Be a Bombshell, and Not a Good One: A recently published, peer reviewed ASCE paper could be a boon for hired-gun experts, by creating a new – but obviously incorrect – definition of professional standard of care; by promoting as credible research whose origins are questionable and whose currency has long since passed. The nature of the paper is such that the best GBA could have done to deal with it is to have prepared “discussions” – rebuttals, actually – that it may (or may not) publish. GBA’s Geotechnical and Legal Affairs Committees did a masterful job putting rebuttals together. In the meantime, IT IS ESSENTIAL for you and your attorneys to be familiar with the paper involved and the issues brought to the fore.
  • Green Opportunity: Your firm has a ground-floor opportunity to get involved with the GBA-supported Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure by getting employees trained and recognized as Verifiers in the ISI Envision Rating System Program. Take advantage.
  • Advanced Writing Course for Geoprofessionals: It’s being offered via GBA webinars, being hailed as informative and entertaining. Are you taking advantage?
  • Dynamite CoMET Committee Article Published: EDC/The Official Magazine for the LEED Professional has published a great article developed by GBA’s CoMET Committee. It points out the need for top-quality CoMET services to achieve LEED design objectives. Show it to clients and prospects. Use it to educate your staff, too.
  • New Tools: GBA has produced three PowerPoint templates your firm can use to explain the value of dealing with properly selected, properly deployed geotechnical, environmental, and CoMET consultants. The PPTs are designed to accept your graphics, words, and photos. Start spreading the word about geoprofessional value, beginning, of course, with your firm.
  • Spring-Meeting Videos Now Available: Great coverage. Modest cost.
  • Sea-Level Rise Creating Atlantic Coast “Hotspot”: The rise is far outstripping the average. You need to know this stuff.
  • Billions in Infrastructure Upgrades Proposed: Read a description of the top 100. How many are near you?
  • Voters Say They Want Pro-Tort-Reform Candidates: “Lawsuit reform isn’t a partisan issue, it’s an economic issue,” says American Tort Reform Association President Tiger Joyce.
  • It Makes This Pinging Noise: Why is a car like a geoprofessional firm?
And, of course, our usual great selection of continuing columns:
  • From the Bench: Huge victory in a Nevada decision will likely be cited nationwide; blocks clients from blaming you for their failure to comply with ADA; explains doctrine of obstacle preemption.
  • Business 101: What are the top ten traits of a bad boss?Two Harvard business bloggers have the answers to that. Read this informative column, if you dare.
  • Meeting Management: Hold a meeting standing up? Are you kidding? No.
  • Human Resources Management: How would you like to have extraordinary employees? You can, providing your first step in the process is to define what “extraordinary” means. We have the other steps, too!
  • Professional Selling: First impressions are often lasting and you have only one chance to make one. What do you do when it comes to new client representatives? What’s their first impression of you, given that every client-for-life relationship begins with the first engagement?
  • Road Warrior: Which cities and which airports are the worst for laptop theft? When do most laptop thefts occur? If you travel, this is information you need!
  • Dr. English: Mentees may be an endangered species. (Let’s hope so.)
  • You’ve Just Got To Be Kidding: What do Toad Suck, AR and Monkey’s Eyebrow, KY have in common? Should be kind of obvious…and there are eight others in the top ten.
  • Grape Press: The area’s wines are regarded as the best in the world, and some fabulous examples are, right now, cheap, cheap, cheap.

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