NewsLog Vol. 43 No. 3 Sep/Oct 2012

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Just in time, the September/October issue of GBA NewsLog provides more solid information and some opinion, too. Access it by clicking the link above. Here’s a summary of the news:

  • Six months in the active life of GBA: GBA President Dave Schoenwolf tells us what’s been happening. A lot, actually!
  • When From the Bench starts on page one, it’s because of a significant ruling. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it’s not. This is one of the latter.
  • GBA’s charter membership in the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure gives you an opportunity to get in on their sustainable infrastructure ground floor.
  • How do you plan for the future when you don’t know what it’s going to be? That may not be as difficult as you think, says the Business Practices Committee.
  • Too big to fall? A new website makes it simple for you to tell your community about the bridges folks may not want to drive over too much…or too slowly.
  • EPA releases Stormwater and Wastewater Planning Approach Framework. Get a copy from GBA.
  • A new website for buying and selling used drilling equipment.
  • Terra does it yet again: Another great quarter; another new record.
  • Membership growth is satisfying, but it can be even better with your help: Just let us know whom to contact. You’ll be doing them, and us (that includes you!), a favor!
  • GBA welcomes two new members of staff: Tamara Kukla and Barb Nappy.
  • A Social Forum for Everyone in ASFE (now GBA) – ASFE Squared – lets folks know how easy it is to access GBA publications and other materials. Easy is good!
And let’s not forget the great columns!
Business 101: Think there’s nothing you can do to lessen employee conflicts? You’ve got another think coming!
Letter to the Editor: Rick Heckel (TTL, Inc.) responds to an artic le in our July/August edition and offers a few tips.
Human Resources Management: It’s too hot in here. It’s too cold in here. Either way, office productivity suffers.
Editorial: If geoprofessionals and other technical professionals were visible leaders of their communities, STEM would be a lot easier to push, our editor says.
Professional Selling: “We can help,” says the Grape Press tasting crew.
Thought for the Issue: Each one attempts to say a lot with only a few words.
Road Warrior: Just tell your rental car to say “Cheese!”
Grape Press: Chateau Conehead makes a triumphant debut in Denver.
Dr. English: The discontented doctor takes on Table of Contents.
You’ve Just Got To Be Kidding: Coming soon to our national capital area: Surveillance cameras to watch the surveillance cameras watching the speed cameras. And we’re not kidding.

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