NewsLog Vol. 43 No. 4 Nov/Dec 2012

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Just in time: Our holiday-season issue of NewsLog is now ready for your review. Just click the link above. Some of the highlights in our news section:

  • ASCE’s Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering agrees to publish GBA’s two discussion papers, addressing perceived inadequacies of Houston/Nelson paper on standard of care. Let your attorney know.
  • Chuck Gregory and Stewart Osgood nominated to GBA Board of Directors.
  • National Research Council says Corps’ levees, dams, navigation structures, et al. will decay into oblivion unless repairs and improvements are begun immediately. Translation: Get ready to get busy.
  • Brace yourself! The talent war predicted by our Emerging Issues and Trends Committee has begun. Here’s the proof.
  • GREAT webinars are planned through the end of April. (And you can bet that, before then, we’ll announce more great webinars for the rest of the year!)
  • GBA Director Laura Reinbold has been honored by the Urban Land Institute.
And, as usual, we have an outstanding assortment of regular columns:
From the Bench: “They’d never enforce that.” Wrong. Which is why a firm wound up owing almost $900,000 in legal fees for the $50,000 in damages it caused. At first.
Business 101: Do you have a cyber-liability insurance policy in place? Should you?
Dr. English: A reader writes, “If we shouldn’t use ‘in general accordance with…,’ what should we use?” Dr. E responds.
Professional Selling: If every automobile made were unique, built one-at-a-time for each customer, how important would customer testimonials (especially video testimonials) be to prospective buyers? They’d be HUGE. And guess what! Your firm makes automobiles one at a time.
You’ve Just Got To Be Kidding: It’s not funny: Six expert geoprofessionals have been sentenced to six years in an Italian jail because a seventh individual – a government employee – said things he shouldn’t have, without the knowledge of the experts.
Human Resources Management: How to tell you have a toxic employee on staff and what to do about it. (Bye-bye.)
Grape Press: Where can you find gorgeous, Napa Valley-style Cabernet Sauvignon at just a fraction of California prices?
Editorial: You and your lawyers need to know about Recommended Practices for Design Professionals Engaged as Experts in the Resolution of Construction Industry Disputes and an important ASCE tool for responding to hired guns.

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