CoMET Committee Article Explains Why High-Quality CoMET Services Are Essential To Achieving LEED...

CoMET Committee Article Explains Why High-Quality CoMET Services Are Essential To Achieving LEED Objectives; Underscores Geoprofessional Value Proposition
It doesn't apply just to LEED and sustainable design, but the dictum that "cheap geoprofessional services are expensive" is particularly apropos in that arena, given that realizing the objective of sustainable design is not everything: It's the only thing. And how does an owner achieve the objective of sustainable design? By having a quality-focused construction materials engineering and testing (CoMET) consultancy on the project team, from project initiation through project conclusion. Now, thanks to the diligent efforts of GBA's CoMET Committee, exactly this thought is conveyed by an outstanding article in EDC / The Official Magazine for the LEED Professional. Titled "Achieving the Designed Quality," the article points out the value of high-quality CoMET services and provides guidance on how to select and deploy a firm wisely, amplifying the guidance given in GBA's Geoprofessionals' Value Proposition. This is exactly the kind of article you can use in presentations, or forward as suggested reading to client representatives and prospective-client representatives. It can also serve as valuable instruction for members of your staff, to help them understand what makes your firm special. And remember, too, that the CoMET Committee has also developed two "message": flyers to also serve that purpose: Project Quality Assurance: A Message to Owners and Project Quality Assurance: A Message to Architects, Civil Engineers, and Structural Engineers.
Some of the introductory copy of the EDC article is particularly to-the-point, you may agree:
It's a beautiful day. You're standing outside the new LEED Platinum office building that's been your responsibility for the past three years. You hear a voice behind you say, "Congratulations. It's not every day that a project this size comes in on time and on budget. And that usage data; wow! The building's being used more than we expected and it's actually consuming less energy than we hoped for. And all the occupants love it." You turn to see whose voice it is, but no one's there.
Then you wake up.
The fact of the matter is that buildings - especially somewhat substantial ones, LEED-compliant or otherwise - seldom come in on time or on budget.... Of course, if you have a solid set of plans and specifications, integrated through BIM and even peer reviewed, what could possibly go wrong? As you probably know well, everything ... so it seems. One of the culprits is the construction process itself.... Face it, through honest error or otherwise, some things just don't get built the way they're supposed to.... Wise building owners have for many years obtained quality-assurance (QA) services to help realize their buildings' design. Construction-materials engineering and testing (CoMET) consultants provide QA to assess constructors' attainment of the specifications they are contractually obligated to meet.
Read it all. It could be another valuable arrow for your Q quiver.

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