Voters Say Litigation Hurts Economy; Are More Likely To Support Pro-Tort-Reform Candidates

The American Tort Reform Association (of which GBA is a founding member) and the grassroots Sick of Lawsuits campaign have released a survey report indicating that strong majorities of voters - Democrats, Republicans, and independents - believe lawsuit abuse hurts economic growth, job creation, and U.S. competitiveness.
"Lawsuit reform isn't a partisan issue, it's an economic issue," said ATRA President Tiger Joyce. "When 89% of Americans say lawsuit abuse is a problem, candidates and elected officials should pay attention."
"America's primary focus should be on creating jobs, not lawsuits," added Tom Scott, a California-based representative for Sick of Lawsuits. "We hear from small-business owners every day about their fear of costly lawsuits and the negative impact that expanding liability has on their bottom line and capacity to hire additional employees. People understand that, and they want their elected officials to do something about it."
The national telephone survey conducted in mid-July also found that:
  • 78% of registered voters say the "nation suffers from too many lawsuits";
  • 73% say they are more likely to support a candidate who advocates lawsuit-reducing liability reforms; and
  • 75% believe that "'pain and suffering" awards should be limited, and that personal-injury-lawyer advertising encourages those who haven't been injured to file lawsuits anyway.

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