NewsLog Vol. 43 No. 5 Jan/Feb 2013

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The January/February NewsLog is finally here. Some of the highlights:
Page one features two important items. The first, by President David A. “Dave” Schoenwolf, P.E. (Haley & Aldrich, Inc.) addresses the organization’s transition planning. John Bachner will be stepping away from his day-to-day management duties sooner rather than later, Dave reports, but we intend to keep John involved in creative and educational capacities. The other item is an editorial by John where he addresses a development that was unveiled at the recent Winter Leadership Conference: ASFE is changing its name – for the seventh time! – by dropping “ASFE.” Is John sad to see “ASFE” go (given he’s been working with it since 1973)? “Sure I am. But I am really a lot happier about welcoming GBA.” The transition will take a while and, in the interim, we will be ASFE/The Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA). Also in this issue…
  • New York will need geoprofessionals to help with its $42-billion Sandy-recovery and repeat-of-a-disaster-prevention efforts.
  • Oregon will need geoprofessionals to help prevent the next big earthquake/tsunami from becoming a $32-billion disaster.
  • Crescent City, California’s small size didn’t stop it from investing $54 million to make itself tsunami-proof. Other small coastal cities are likely to follow suit. They’ll all need the genius available only from geoprofessionals.
  • The Treasury Department and Council of Economic Advisors have a new report out. It says the U.S. needs geoprofessionals to help fix the infrastructure (84% of Americans are willing to pay for it, too).
  • Another big survey says 77% of American citizens want a rebuilt or modernized infrastructure. More than half would support paying for it via a sales-tax increase.
  • How many U.S. cities are among Mercer’s top ten for quality of living? None. Top 20? None. Top 25? None. How many U.S. cities are in the top ten for best infrastructure? None. Call in the geoprofessionals!
  • New BS engineering grads are starting at $62,000.
  • GREAT webinars are planned through the end of April. (And you can bet that, before then, we’ll announce more great webinars for the rest of the year!)
  • Engineering News-Record has recognized Barry K. Thacker, P.E. (Geo/Environmental Associates, Inc.) as one of the construction industry’s top-25 newsmakers of 2012.We think he’s no. 1. Does ENR?
  • NEW! A call for abstracts of presentations proposed for the 2013 Fall Conference in Boston.
  • New answers to the French paradox: Have some blue cheese with your red wine.
And, as usual, we have an outstanding assortment of regular columns:
From the Bench: Arizona puts nails into the economic-loss doctrine (ELD) coffin.
Business 101: Is your firm a potential target for embezzlement and fraud? Yes. And here’s what you can do about it.
Dr. English: Big words and phrases do not make you sound smart, Dr. E says. And people who use big words to pretend they’re Harvard English majors are rude.
Professional Selling: “No one reads anymore.” Are you going to lament that fact or take advantage of it?
You’ve Just Got To Be Kidding: In Norway, some of the most popular TV shows help viewers watch the paint dry. In England, a popular new CD features the sound of paint drying.
Human-Resources Management: A new approach to annual reviews.
Meeting Management: Which are more effective: morning meetings or afternoon meetings?
Grape Press: Eighteen GREAT red wines for under $20/bottle; most under $15/bottle; some under $8/bottle. And they are all GREAT!

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