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 01/13/2015  CASE HISTORY NO. 101
Case History No. 101. When a GBA-Member Firm realized it had committed a serious error while conducting construction-materials engineering and testing (CoMET) services for a new hospital building, it knew it was in trouble. The project – a...
Case History No 100. A civil engineer in 1992 contacted the GBA-Member Firm asking if it could provide pile-driving criteria for a hotel to be located on a site the firm had studied three...
Case History No. 99. The GBA-Member Firm agreed to provide geotechnical engineering and construction materials engineering and testing (CoMET) services for a contractor hired...
Case History No. 98. The GBA-Member Firm signed an owner-drafted contract, agreeing to provide construction materials engineering and testing (CoMET) services...
Case History No. 97. A construction-management company retained the GBA-Member Firm to perform a geotechnical engineering study for a simple structure that involved somewhat complex...
Case History No. 96. A Member Firm made the mistake of agreeing to work for both the owner (a school board) and its retained architect. Complicating matters, the architect refused to sign...
Case History No. 95. A rack-system supplier retained the GBA-Member Firm to test the welds of a preproduction rack assembly. The welds failed to meet specs and the Member Firm reported...
Case History No. 94. An archaeological firm that was far more astute about technical issues than business issues accepted a one-sided contract for a major project that ran into a variety...
Case History No. 93. A geotechnical engineer was engaged to serve as the owner’s representative during earthwork operations on a five-city-block cluster of high-profile, mixed-use...
Case History No. 92. The bizarre tale of a politically well-connected civil engineer who retained a geotechnical engineer to provide support services on a municipal airport project. The airport...

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I want case histories that relate to the following areas of practice:
   Biological sciences
   Civil engineering
   Construction management
   Construction materials engineering and testing
   Cultural resources
   Engineering geology
   Environmental services
   Geotechnical engineering
   Industrial hygiene
   Water resources services
I want case histories that are beneficial for:
   Accounting staff
   Administrative staff
   Field representatives
   Human resources staff
   Laboratory technicians
   Marketing / business development staff
   Project staff
   Technical staff
I want case histories that illustrate the following lessons:
   Actively resolve problems
   Avoid conflicts of interest
   Avoid definitive conclusions
   Avoid doing favors
   Avoid purchase orders
   Avoid risky clients and projects
   Avoid third-party reliance
   Avoid unfavorable contract terms
   Balance risk with conservatism
   Beware the testimony of “experts”
   Cheap engineering is expensive
   Communicate risks to clients
   Conduct pre-construction meetings
   Consider the risk of economic downturn
   Contemplate the risk of changed specifications
   Develop strong client relationships
   Do not warrant professional services
   Document change orders
   Document ignored recommendations
   Establish project roles/responsibilities
   Invest in staff training
   Know when to settle
   Limit liability
   Maintain professional project relationships
   Maintain project communication
   Maintain project continuity
   Make appropriate staff assignments
   Manage client expectations
   Obtain a retainer
   Obtain a signed contract
   Obtain adequate fee and scope of services
   Practice in your expertise
   Provide adequate field coverage
   Provide adequate field documentation
   Provide adequate project documentation
   Provide thorough reports
   Purge project files
   Resolve disputes before they become lawsuits
   Review plans and specifications
   Understand indemnification clauses
   Understand OSHA site-safety regulations
   Understand project relationships
   Understand risk vs. reward
   Understand standard of care
   Use appropriate and concise language
   Use appropriate limitations
   Work with government agencies

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