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I invite you to join the Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA) during our time of growth. For GBA growth takes on many forms. It’s the growth of adding new, selected member-firms to our organization. It’s the growth of spreading the message of GBA deeper into our existing member firms. It’s the growth of bringing new, stellar materials and programs to the over 100,000 geoprofessionals who call GBA their geoprofessional business association. It’s the growth of developing leaders within our firms and within the committees and councils of GBA. Join our growth in 2016-17 and beyond.
Growth happens by spreading our message. The message that GBA is the only industry organization dedicated solely to the business and professional practice of geoprofessionals. The message that the work we do together to tackle the business issues that help us confront risk and optimize performance make us all better, individually and corporately. The message that if your firm is a member of GBA you are a member of GBA. T

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GBA Statement on Sustainability

Adopted January 28, 2011

Sustainable practices and the geoprofession go hand in hand. GBA member firms have been pioneers in sustainability and have, in fact, been developing and implementing sustainable practices since GBA’s inception. GBA remains committed through this sustainability policy to reducing environmental impact, protecting natural resources, and assisting our member firms advance environmental stewardship, both within their own businesses, and as value added to professional services provided for their clients.
GBA continues to lead in the further development and refinement of sustainable practices through the following objectives: 
  • Implementing sustainable practices in the operation of GBA, including its home office, by recycling and purchasing recycled materials, reducing paper and energy consumption as well as by actively considering alternate means of delivery for publications and events, and continuing to explore other opportunities to reduce its environmental impact.
  • Assisting member firms by undertaking initiatives that provide information and guidance about implementation of leadership-level sustainable practices in their own business operations.
  • Assisting member firms to magnify and leverage the impact of their own sustainable practices through their recommendations to clients and through their influence on successful project outcomes.
  • Continuing GBA’s long-standing tradition of openly sharing the experiences of member firms so that we can learn from each other and increase awareness about successful sustainable practices and continual improvement for our own business operations and for our clients’ projects.
  • Seeking to educate and influence other technical, professional, and regulatory entities in adapting sustainable policies and programs that have beneficial impacts through identification and objective discussion of trade-offs between sustainable practices, costs, quality and unanticipated future developments. 

GBA affirms a commitment to take a leadership position with regard to sustainability. GBA also affirms our belief that as a small organization we create significantly greater value when we help our members firms develop and implement sustainable outcomes in the services they perform for their clients.

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