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GBA creates unique and uniquely effective programs, services, and materials that help members advance their business and professional practices and thereby prosper through professionalism. Whether your firm consists of one person or thousands, you will discover that GBA knows what you have to contend with and has spot-on resources that can provide real help, real time.

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Your Firm Will Benefit

Some people believe GBA is for large firms. Others will tell you it’s for small firms. In truth, and as experienced members know, GBA is for all firms that provide geotechnical, geological, environmental, construction materials engineering and testing, and other geoprofessional services. (As for the meaning of “other,” refer to the Wikipedia entry for “geoprofessions.”) GBA succeeds because it focuses on what all geoprofessional firms have in common: Geoprofessionals …most of whom have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to technical issues, but far too little when it comes to the nontechnical issues that can make or break a firm. More....






Benefits for Constructors

  • Some firms provide their geoprofessional services only as part of a design/build “package.” Because they do not make those services available separately, they are not eligible to become GBA-Member Firms, but they are eligible to participate as Professional Colleagues, entitling them to virtually everything available to a GBA-Member Firm (including eligibility for Terra Insurance coverage), plus the ability to network with individuals who in many cases represent their clients and prospective clients. Design-build firms can also join as Collaborative Members, as can geoconstructors without in-house design ability. Collaborative Members may attend meetings at member rates, may participate on committees, and receive GBA’s newsletter.

Benefits for Faculty Members

  • Professors, associate professors, and assistant professors benefit from their involvement in GBA, by having the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of issues that affect the way in which a discipline is practiced. For just $50 a year, GBA Faculty Members receive at least one of everything free of charge, and can obtain substantial discounts on materials they want to distribute to their students. They can also participate in meetings and committees, without restrictions.

Benefits for Practitioner Members and Government Members

  • Many geoprofessionals are unable to become involved in GBA via their employing organization because the employing organization – a trade or professional association, client organization, etc. – is ineligible to become a GBA-Member Firm. But these individuals can join GBA as Practitioner Members. Those in government can join as Government Members. For a modest annual fee, they, too, are entitled to receive at least one of everything, and to become involved with or lead almost any committee.

Benefits for Consultant Members

  • Consultant Membership is a by-invitation Associate Membership category that gains the involvement of some of the membership’s top consultants. Particularly popular among GBA-Member Firms’ retained counsel, this category permits them to participate with in-house counsel in both the Legal Affairs Committee and the Advocates Assembly, as well as any other committee GBA has established.

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