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I am a Primary Contact. What does this mean?
This means that you have responsibility for maintaining GBA website information about one or more member-firm locations: name, address, contact information, description, employees, etc. Being a "Primary Contact" does not...
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I am listed as a [fill in the blank] contact. What does this mean?
We track several types of member-firm contacts in our database, so we can direct correspondence to the most appropriate person. In that way we can sometimes avoid having to send “e-blasts” to all our members in hopes that the right person receives and rea
Membership FAQs
When I log in, I don't see member pricing or other member benefits. Why not?
You’re not fully linked to a member firm in our database. If it doesn't happen automatically when you first sign up, then GBA staff need up to two business days to set up a link to a member firm. If you’ve been waiting longer than that, e-mail us at...
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How do I change my password/the password of my employees?
Individuals can only change their own passwords. You can change yours, and your employees can change their own. There are three ways to change a password: 1) If you know your password…
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How do I add new employees?
To add new staff, you can do one of two things: 1) Send employees to this page to sign up for a password. Note that the system will check to make sure their e-mail address doesn't already exist, and may prompt them to reset their password....
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How many conferences does GBA hold each year?
GBA holds two conferences for the general membership: the Fall Conference, in October, and the Spring (Annual) Conference in April. GBA conducts a Winter Leadership Conference in January, when the organization’s leadership develops plans...
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I want to arrange a BackYard Seminar. How do I begin?
BackYard Seminars can be hosted by any firm or organization, member or nonmember, and may be limited to a firm's staff or open to other firms in the area. Contact us if you have questions. Staff will...
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How do I know whether a location is the Headquarters or a Branch?
Our system treats all locations as “organizations”. The "Headquarters" location is the “organization” that is officially a GBA-Member Firm. Branch location “organizations” and all employees…
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How do I move employees from one location to another?
To move an employee, either: 1) Have the employee login, go to My Information and follow the link in the "Organization Information" section to change their organization information and...
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How do I delete a location?
Send an e-mail to with the details of that location to have a location permanently deleted.
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