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01.04.16 GBA Issues New Report-Review Guide
The Geoprofessional Business Association has published a new guide for the in-house review of geotechnical, environmental, construction-materials engineering and testing (CoMET), and other geoprofessional reports.
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11.30.15 Resource Catalog
More than 200 pages are needed to provide thumbnail descriptions of unique business-success/risk-management resources developed by the Geoprofessional Business Association....
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11.23.15 EDITORIAL: Geoprofessional, Heal Thyself. Please.
You may know my good friend Sanford “Sandy” Clay. A physician specializing in internal medicine, Sandy began post-graduate life as a geoprofessional. “Much of what I learned as a geoprofessional helps me in my medical...
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11.09.15 Strategic Association Involvement: New GBA Publication Helps Firms Select Which Organizations To...
“Few firms take the time to analyze how much money and billable time they spend on associations and societies and how much they receive in return.” That’s the underlying theme of Strategic Association Involvement, the most recent...
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11.09.15 Safe Soils and Urban Gardening in Six Languages; Now Available Free from GBA
GBA now offers Safe Soils and Urban Gardening, a publication that combines four popular Practice Guides from the University of Louisville Center for Environmental Policy and Management. The guides are available in six languages...
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11.02.15 Two New Practice Guides on Rail Yards and on Improving Student Health Now Available Free from GBA
GBA has two new Practice Guides available free to anyone. These guides have been developed by the University of Louisville Center for Environmental Policy and Management (CEPM) ( and are available...
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10.26.15 DR. ENGLISH: You Can Say That Again and Again and Again
By and large, you ask if the use of clichés has a negative impact on geoprofessionals’ image. You can’t keep that kind of thinking under your hat; it’s here and now; the big question. By the same token, it’s the kind of issue that would...
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10.10.15 GBA President’s Six-Month Report
GBA President Gordon M. Matheson, Ph.D., P.E., P.G., D.GE (Schnabel Engineering, Inc.) delivered his six-month report to the membership at GBA’s 2015 Fall Conference in Dana Point, CA. In just six months, GBA has hired a new...
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10.09.15 GBA’s Executive Director Report for October 9, 2015 Fall Conference
GBA's recently-selected Executive Director, Joel G. Carson, delivered his first Executive Director’s Report to the membership at GBA's 2015 Fall Conference in Dana Point, CA. He shared his enthusiasm for the opportunity, the progress...
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10.05.15 Documentation-Management Fundamentals: Newest GBA Best Practices Monograph Provides the Basics
“‘If it isn’t in writing, it didn’t happen.’ It’s an old saying that everyone in a geoprofessional organization – private-sector or public – should be aware of. More important, everyone should know how to put the concept – documentation...
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