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10.05.15 Documentation-Management Fundamentals: Newest GBA Best Practices Monograph Provides the Basics
“‘If it isn’t in writing, it didn’t happen.’ It’s an old saying that everyone in a geoprofessional organization – private-sector or public – should be aware of. More important, everyone should know how to put the concept – documentation...
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09.28.15 Tolerating Mediocrity – What is the Cost?
When we close our eyes and dream of the ideal business and team of employees, we imagine a world where there are no conflicts, everyone is a top performer, and we never have to give negative feedback. But the reality is that not all...
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09.17.15 Expectations Management: New GBA Publication Gives Guidance about Underpromising in Order to...
Expectations management is something that all too many geoprofessionals have not yet mastered. They need to. According to Expectations Management – the newest addition to the Geoprofessional Business Association’s...
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09.14.15 DR. ENGLISH: Everyday Errors
The more conscious you become of the language you use every day, the more likely you are to get it right, in writing and when speaking. Here are a few common errors you should not be making.
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09.03.15 PROFESSIONAL SELLING: The Only Firm That ____
We’ve often used this column to say that the most powerful words in marketing are, “We are the only firm that ____,” and you fill in the blank. That’s easier said than done, of course, which makes it difficult for many firms to identify a...
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08.31.15 DR. ENGLISH: We Get Letters…Like the Appended
Using “appended” vs. “attached” is something I do to alert FOPP participants – among others – to the act that words have distinct meanings; the more accurate the word you use, the better, especially so, because – when claims are made...
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08.10.15 CoMET Business Council Issues CoMET Tale No. 4; Available Free
Moist-curing-room design, construction, and maintenance is the subject of the latest CoMET Tale, published by the Construction-Materials Engineering and Testing (CoMET) Business Council of the Geoprofessional Business Association and...
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08.03.15 Employee-Pocket Safety Card: New from GBA
“Safety Is Priority One” – That’s the key message of a new employee-pocket safety card developed by the Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA) Safety Committee for use by its member firms. “Firms can print it ‘as-is,’ or they...
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07.27.15 Working Safely Outdoors in Warm Climates: New GBA Publication Offers Valuable Guidance
Working outdoors when it’s hot can create an array of safety challenges that firms and individuals need to be aware of and plan for. According to this new GBA Best Practices monograph – the newest entry to the Geoprofessional Business...
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07.06.15 GBA Business Brief Debuts with Fiscal Year 2014-15 Financial-Performance-Survey Report
GBA is debuting its newest periodical: GBA Business Brief, conveying information that has short-term application only. Our very first one, fittingly enough, is the GBA Business Practices Committee’s 2014-15 Financial-Performance...
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