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09.12.13 YOU'VE JUST GOT TO BE KIDDING: Disappearing Bridges
"What the...?" is probably how most residents of a small village in the Gölçük district of Turkey's Kocaeli's province began a brief, interrogative sentence indicating confusion when, on the morning of March 11, 2013, they noted the...
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09.09.13 Philanthropists Donate a Quarter-Billion for Engineering
With public funding of engineering education drying up, universities have had to reach out to wealthy alumni for support. And my how alumni have responded, says The Chronicle of Philanthropy! Consider the following top-ten private gifts, not...
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08.29.13 Dr. English: Something Is Not Rotten
This brief Q&A may be instructive. A GBA member wrote, "I had a former boss who would say if you do not have one you cannot have more than one; e.g., 'No sign of rot was observed.' instead of 'No signs of rot were observed.' An opinion?"
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08.26.13 Annual Physicals Useless, Geoprofessional Says
"I've been pretty healthy for the past 15 years, so I'm not going to get an annual physical anymore. True, all the blood work and other tests can indicate if something is amiss. True, early detection can lead to curing a molehill rather than a...
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08.22.13 FROM THE BENCH: Ohio Statute of Repose
As many other states, Ohio has enacted a statute of repose prohibiting a "cause of action to recover damages for bodily injury, an injury to real or personal property, or wrongful death that arises out of a defective and unsafe condition of an...
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08.19.13 FROM THE BENCH: Halcrow Rolls Dice In Nevada Supreme Court and the ELD Wins Big
Courts around the country continue to struggle with a fundamental issue of great importance to design professionals: Can a design professional be sued for purely economic losses by parties with whom the design professional does not have a...
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08.15.13 EDITORIAL: Cliches
The editor in chief uses his editorial platform to fire a verbal salvo at all those clichés that he believes people use far too often in their writing. He makes his point by saying nothing bad about clichés; he just sentences them to sentences.
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08.12.13 Engineering, Environmental Firms Being Targeted by Patent Trolls
"Patent trolls" is a term that's been used since 1993 to describe what's less-pejoratively known as nonpracticing entities (NPEs); i.e., persons or organizations whose business is acquiring patents solely to enrich themselves through...
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08.08.13 BUSINESS 101: Mobile Payments and Small Projects
Don't you just love slow- and no-payers? You don't? How about when it's just a small sum involved, like $600 or $700, a debt incurred by, say, a contractor client that wanted some CoMET field and/or lab services performed ASAP? You...
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08.05.13 Funding the Future
For GBA to achieve its members' ambitions, we need to grow to increase the funding we derive from dues income, but - to achieve growth - we have to invest in membership-recruitment initiatives we cannot afford until we have the...
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