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01.20.14 Owners, Architects, Civil and Structural Engineers Can Easily Reduce Their Construction-Project...
“Construction-materials engineering and testing (CoMET) consultants perform quality-assurance (QA) services to evaluate how well constructors are achieving the specified conditions they’re contractually obligated to achieve. Done right...
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01.20.14 New, Free to GBA Members; Video Education; PDH Eligible
Members of the Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA) have something new to smile about: GBA is now giving them, free of charge, a series of videos – some on disk, some for download – conveying presentations...
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01.10.14 GBA Launches Safety Program
The Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA) has established a Safety Subcommittee as part of its existing Business Practices Committee, the first step toward establishing a separate GBA Safety Committee. “The safety of...
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01.09.14 GBA Publishes Second Issue in New CoMET Tales Series; Available Free
Field Curing versus Standard Curing of Concrete Cylinders is the title of the second publication in the new CoMET Tales series of practice briefings developed by the Construction-Materials Engineering and Testing (CoMET)...
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01.06.14 Nominating Committee Announces 2014-15 GBA Slate
GBA’s Nominating Committee has announced its slate of officers and directors for GBA’s 2014-15 fiscal year. GBA President-Elect Steven D. Thorne, P.E., D.GE (Terracon) will become president. Those nominated for the...
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12.30.13 DR. ENGLISH: Enclosed please find
A member recently contacted the good doctor for guidance about alternatives to trite phrases. Here are the phrases she was concerned about and the alternatives...
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12.04.13 EDITORIAL: The Definition of Insanity
Engineers are the most important people on Earth. They make civilization possible. Some countries get it and some countries, including ours, don’t get it. But that’s not our nation’s fault. It’s the fault of our nation’s engineers...
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11.26.13 DR. ENGLISH: Strength in simplicity
“You, too, can have the vocabulary of a Harvard English major.” You’ve probably seen that advertisement in airline magazines, suggesting that you, too, can develop knowledge of words that other people don’t know, making...
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11.04.13 Geoprofessionals Leading Economy from the Doldrums, Economist Says
Just how important are geoprofessionals and the innovations they create? An Economist article discussing research, development, and innovation in the United States concludes as follows: "A mixture of government-funded basic...
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10.28.13 DR. ENGLISH: Misspoken Phrases
It’s pretty common for people to mishear a word or phrase and then go on to use it improperly, and it’s also pretty common for those who recognize the corruption to say nothing about it, so as not to offend the user. Just a few you may be familiar...
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