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08.15.13 EDITORIAL: Cliches
The editor in chief uses his editorial platform to fire a verbal salvo at all those clichés that he believes people use far too often in their writing. He makes his point by saying nothing bad about clichés; he just sentences them to sentences.
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08.12.13 Engineering, Environmental Firms Being Targeted by Patent Trolls
"Patent trolls" is a term that's been used since 1993 to describe what's less-pejoratively known as nonpracticing entities (NPEs); i.e., persons or organizations whose business is acquiring patents solely to enrich themselves through...
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08.08.13 BUSINESS 101: Mobile Payments and Small Projects
Don't you just love slow- and no-payers? You don't? How about when it's just a small sum involved, like $600 or $700, a debt incurred by, say, a contractor client that wanted some CoMET field and/or lab services performed ASAP? You...
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08.05.13 Funding the Future
For GBA to achieve its members' ambitions, we need to grow to increase the funding we derive from dues income, but - to achieve growth - we have to invest in membership-recruitment initiatives we cannot afford until we have the...
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08.01.13 2013 Construction Pegged at $919 Billion
$919 billion: That's what FMI estimates as the value of all U.S. construction to be completed in 2013, an 8% increase over 2012 levels. According to the engineering-and-construction-industry management-consulting firm, in its newly released...
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07.29.13 A Tip of the Hat: Twice!
Proving that you're never too young or too old to gain merited recognition, we have updates on two distinguished members of GBA. The first, covering the "never-too-young" assertion, is Sarah J. Morgan, P.E.,a senior project engineer...
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07.25.13 Beyond Above Above and Beyond
Each year we are blessed by the generosity of Member Firms and individual Associate Members who send us more in dues than they're required to pay, signaling their appreciation for the support we provide. And this year it has happened...
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07.22.13 Six Months That Can Change a Professional Career
Enrollment is now open for the 23rd Fundamentals of Professional Practice class; six months of remote study and practical research capped by a powerful 21/2-day seminar. Participants gain important new skills, insights, and...
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07.18.13 BUSINESS 101: Cyber-Liability Insurance
According to Symantec, hackers launched 36% of their first-quarter 2012 cyber-attacks at businesses with 250 or fewer employees. They regard these smaller organizations - especially professional firms - as "easy...
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07.15.13 BUSINESS 101: Occupational Fraud
Employee embezzlement - always a serious problem - is becoming even more so. So says the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) in its study report, Occupational Fraud: A Study of an Economic Recession. Think the problem...
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