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06.10.13 New York Needs $42 Billion To Recover from Sandy and Install Flood Protection
As New York Governor Andrew Cuomo summed it up, "The devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy is of unprecedented proportions, ranking among the worst natural disasters in our nation's history in terms of loss of life, property damage...
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06.06.13 Too Big To Fall
"On August 1, 2007, the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis collapsed during rush hour, killing 13 people and injuring 145. The bridge had been designated as structurally deficient, due to insufficient maintenance, andfracture critical, because the failure of...
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06.03.13 DR. ENGLISH: The Mentee Tapes
Who's callin'? Hello? Is this Mr. Killer? Yeah. What's it to you? My name is Dr. English and I was told that you're the man to speak with if I, uh, want to have something done away with. Done away wit'? Didn't nobody never tell you you don't...
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05.30.13 FROM THE BENCH: Understanding Contract Language
Not just a few geoprofessionals coming out of college are somewhat stunned to learn that, to be effective practitioners, they need to know about our legal system in general and contracts in particular. True: Many firms have attorneys...
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05.28.13 EDITORIAL: Expert Witnesses
Service as an expert allows you to serve justice, providing you perform properly. Consensus guidelines for proper performance are related in Recommended Practices for Design Professionals Engaged as Experts in the Resolution...
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05.23.13 BUSINESS 101: Conflict
Why can't we all get along? Because we're animals, meaning that conflict is inevitable as long as food, mates, and territory are limited. (In the case of humans, add money to that list.) These conditions are aggravated at work because the workplace...
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05.20.13 YOU'VE JUST GOT TO BE KIDDING: Guilty Geoprofessionals in Italy
Italian Judge Marco Billi in late October found six expert geoprofessionals and a government official guilty of multiple-manslaughter in the death of 30 people. The seven had been accused of conducting a superficial analysis of seismic risk and...
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05.16.13 PROFESSIONAL SELLING: Video Testimonials
Imagine, if you will, that the world's automobiles were manufactured by 25,000 companies, each one building one car at a time, to meet the preferences of each specific buyer. And by preferences, we don't mean just two-door, four-door, or...
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05.13.13 DR. ENGLISH: In General Accordance With
One of the nicer features of GBA's webinars is the speakers' willingness to answer questions. An important question came in after the webcast of "Think. Be Accurate.", a John Bachner-led presentation focusing on commonly...
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05.09.13 MEETING MANAGEMENT: Oldies but Goodies
GBA NewsLog has conveyed some great, simple meeting-management techniques over the years. Three of our favorites (in brief): Play somewhat loud music during breaks, but cut it off five minutes before a break is over. The silence will...
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