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GBA’s Education Committee developed the Lunch & Learn seminar series to help GBA-Member Firms conduct high-quality, to-the-point seminars for members of staff and, possibly, others, such as client and colleague staffs. Each Lunch & Learn seminar outlines key points to be made, and includes note-taking forms participants can use to help reinforce key lessons learned, as well as a PowerPoint presentation. Each seminar uses GBA materials that members can obtain free of charge, in unlimited quantity. Many of these also are available to nonmembers, for a fee.


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“The Meeting Will Come to Order” focuses on proven meeting-management techniques participants can apply to help any team they facilitate meet efficiently.
Electronic documents are not all that new, but so many people who deal with them just don't get it! This hard-hitting Lunch & Learn seminar focuses on a variety of baseline electronic-deliverable issues your personnel need to understand, appreciate, and manage.
Words can kill, especially when a professional uses the wrong words. This well-crafted Lunch & Learn seminar focuses on a variety of taboo and other words and phrases that geoprofessionals should avoid or use with utmost care, for their own sakes and the sakes of their firms.
What do the folks in your firm need to know about workplace harassment and what should and should not be done about it? Chances are the key points you need to make have been made for you by the GBA Education Committee in its “Workplace Harassment” Lunch & Learn.
What do the project managers and project-manager “wannabes” at your firm need to know about effective mutual scope development? Use this Lunch & Learn as a platform to teach them what you want them to know.
What are ethics? Why are ethics important? How do I incorporate ethics into my daily life and work? Use this Lunch & Learn as a platform to answer these questions and, in the process, teach staff what you need to know.

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