What Is a Geoprofessional?

From GBA Director Joel Carson:


"What is a geoprofessional? That's a good question.

"I've heard and seen ‘geoprofessional’ used by many organizations and individuals, but there’s no common definition for the term. That's a problem because, if we cannot define it within our geoprofessional peer group, I'd have to assume the general public would be even more challenged to know what it means. To test my assumption, I became a 'man-in-the-street' interviewer and asked a bunch of people, 'What is a geoprofessional?' I documented their responses in the short video you can watch by clicking the arrow, below."

"As you can see from the video, GBA has taken the first bold step to define 'geoprofessional' and share its definition with everyone, using a medium that has become one of the world’s leading sources of knowledge and information: Wikipedia.

"In fact, using Wikipedia is so easy, even a kid can now answer the question, 'What is a geoprofessional?'

"Thank you in advance for reviewing the video. I hope it entertained and enlightened you. If it did, please share it with colleagues, peers, and friends."

-Joel Carson


According to Wikipedia:

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