Affiliated Practitioners

GBA is the only organization dedicated solely to helping geoprofessionals meet their unique business challenges. Resources offered by GBA most often benefit geoprofessional consulting firms, but there are many others in the geoprofessions, or with an interest in the geoprofessions, who can benefit as well – those that we call “GBA affiliated practitioners.”

How do GBA affiliated practitioners benefit?

  • Engagement in GBA fosters valuable business and professional relationships by bringing together members with common and complementary interests.
  • GBA is always on the lookout for developments that create opportunities or threats for its members, and the exchange of ideas among all the players in the industry facilitates that.
  • No other entity admires, respects, and supports geoprofessionals more than GBA and the individuals who comprise it, and everything GBA does promotes our members’ success.
  • Since GBA affiliated practitioners often have different points of view on geoprofessional issues, GBA Member Firms greatly value the services and information that these GBA affiliated practitioners offer and often view them as subject matter experts.
  • Referrals and business partnerships often result from relationships developed within GBA.

Therefore, we encourage GBA affiliated practitioners to join us.

Membership for GBA Affiliated Practitioners

Membership for GBA affiliated practitioners is by invitation only. There are seven categories of membership for GBA affiliated practitioners:

  • Professional Colleague
  • Practitioner
  • Faculty
  • Consultants
  • Individual Life Member

Learn more about who qualifies for each of the affiliated practitioner membership types  and the benefits of joining GBA.

When you’re ready to join, request an invitation. Have a summary of your services and/or a copy of your resume available, along with a brief statement of your interest in being a member of GBA.

The promise of GBA Membership for GBA affiliated practitioners is the same as that for member firms: You will derive an outstanding ROI by applying the resources, knowledge, relationships, and education GBA has created to help its members and their clients confront risk and optimize performance.