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GBA is the place where geoprofessionals turn for trusted business and professional expertise, resources, and connections. So advertise with GBA and be part of GBA’s unique, exclusive environment of trust. Just as our members seek to grow their businesses, let GBA help you build yours.

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We offer two ways to advertise with GBA:

Ads in GBA NewsLog, the newsletter of the association: Each issue of GBA NewsLog includes multiple spaces for ads, dispersed throughout the text. We offer various sizes and placements to help you find the one that fits your company’s advertising budget and goals.

Ads on our website: With prominent placement on GBA’s home page and every page, an ad on GBA’s website is guaranteed to be seen by everyone who visits GBA’s website. GBA’s website is often the first place people come when they learn about GBA, and it’s the place members return to most often when they need resources from GBA, since the GBA website serves as the portal to all of GBA’s resources, nearly all of which are available free to members online. Thus many of GBA’s website visitors are repeat visitors, which means they’ll have multiple opportunities to see your ad.

In addition to advertising with GBA, consider sponsoring an event. Event sponsorship offers a different, more personal kind of exposure to decision-makers in GBA – one that can lead directly to new business relationships for your company.

We invite you to advertise with GBA today and connect with the geoprofessionals you need for your business to grow.