Membership Types

In addition to member-firm category, GBA has five GBA affiliated practitioner membership types available. Affiliated practitioners are typically firms and individuals who provide the services and information GBA Member Firms need to enhance their own businesses. All five GBA affiliated practitioner membership types are by invitation only. Would you like to be invited? Just request an invitation. The GBA affiliated practitioners membership types are listed below, along with a description of each type and the dues associated with each type.

Professional Colleague :

Professional Colleague Membership is open to firms that provide design/build and/or design/remediate services, but whose staff-provided design or consulting services are not severable from their construction or remediation services. Learn more from our Constructor Membership brochure.

Dues: Professional Colleague dues are calculated the same way as Member Firm dues.

 For new members, dues are pro-rated on a daily basis for the membership year ending April 30.

Practitioner :

Practitioner Membership is offered by invitation only to geoprofessionals who work for entities that are not eligible for GBA Member Firm status; e.g., professional societies, government agencies and client companies.

Dues: $100 per year.

 Faculty :

Faculty Membership is offered by invitation only to individuals who are full-time geoprofessional professors, associate professors, and assistant professors. Learn more from our Faculty Membership brochure.

Dues: $50 per year.

Consultants :

Consultant Membership is offered by invitation only to attorneys, financial advisors, and others who serve as consultants to GBA Member Firms.

Dues: $650 per year.

Individual Life Member :

Individual Life Members are persons who were leaders of GBA while with a GBA Member Firm, but who have since retired from active practice or serve as consultants.

Dues: Complimentary; offered by invitation only to those who have served GBA in a significant capacity during their careers.