GBA keynotes offer a way for your company or organization to bring GBA’s expertise directly to your people.

As a knowledgeable expert in geoprofessional business issues who responds quickly and forcefully to concepts and events that threaten geoprofessionals’ prestige or success, GBA is on top of the latest developments affecting geoprofessionals. GBA keynotes allow GBA leaders to share what GBA sees as issues of pressing importance to the geoprofessions with a wider audience.

GBA keynotes, while clearly relevant to geoprofessionals, may also be interesting and relevant to others outside the geoprofessions. Many of the issues GBA monitors have implications beyond the geoprofessions.

So invite a GBA leader to your organization’s or company’s event for a GBA keynote talk. Your audience will appreciate the wisdom and perspective that GBA leaders have to share with them.

If you’d like to go beyond the traditional length of a keynote, we can expand GBA keynotes into special programs, either in addition to or in place of a keynote. This allows for a more in-depth exploration of the topic at hand.

Special programs may take any form you want, but a common one is half-day seminars for your firm or organization, based upon topics you want emphasized. For example, one of those readily available is titled “Managing Risk to Build Profit.”

It focuses on:

  • Client relations vs. customer relations (differences that make all the difference)
  • Keeping clients elated
  • Creating allies among providers
  • The 30-second exercise that can create clients and friends for life
  • Why clients (and others) sue
  • Why contracts don’t prevent lawsuits
  • Why the method you use to form a contract is more important than the contract itself
  • Preventing third-party claims
  • Investing non-billable hours wisely

Contact GBA to schedule one of our GBA keynotes and/or special programs for your company or organization today!