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Join us! Making a commitment to business excellence may be difficult, but joining GBA is easy, and it paves the way to making it easier to follow through on the first commitment!


GBA’s membership is restricted to geoprofessional consulting firms. If you’re not eligible for Member Firm membership, you may be eligible for membership under one of our affiliated practitioner categories. See below for details on how much it costs to join GBA. Each GBA Member Firm pays dues that consider the value of membership and are based on firm size and annual gross revenue. The membership year runs from May 1 through April 30. Dues for firms that join during the year are prorated.

Steps to Complete the GBA Member Firm Application

Step One:

Download and complete the GBA MEMBER FIRM APPLICATION. Return it to GBA headquarters with your application fee (amount is noted on the application form) and other required attachments. Please contact our staff if you have any questions about the application.

Step Two:

GBA will quickly review your GBA Member Firm application.

Step Three:

GBA will notify you, typically within a day or two, when your GBA Member Firm application is approved and will send an invoice for pro-rated dues, based on your most recently completed year’s gross annual revenue.

Step Four:

You will receive a welcome package which will provide directions to access to start taking advantage of your member benefits!

Membership Dues for Member Firms and Professional Colleagues

Note: Dues and fees paid to GBA are not deductible as charitable contributions but may be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses.

GBA’s Board of Directors reviews the dues structure each year and determines if any changes are necessary. Effective May 1, 2024, membership dues are as follows.

Dues are established based on your firm’s applicable “gross annual revenue” (GAR) for your firm’s most recently ended fiscal year. Include all revenue of your firm (including affiliates, branch offices, etc.) for geoprofessional services including geotechnical, geologic, environmental, construction materials engineering and testing, and related professional services. Exclude gross revenue for architecture, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and other services not related to those indicated above.

Applicable Gross Annual Revenue Resulting Dues
Less than $250,000 $730
$250,000 – < $1 million $551 + $131 x (GAR/120,000)
$1 million – < $5 million $1,103+ $71 x (GAR/120,000)
$5 million – < $20 million $2,415 + $40.50 x (GAR/120,000)
$20 million – < $75 million $6,930 + $14.50x (GAR/120,000)
$75 million – < $200 million $15,750+ $2 x (GAR/120,000)
Greater than $ 200 million $19,800
  • $600 for firms with no North American presence.
  • For new members, dues are pro-rated on a daily basis for the membership year ending April 30.