Conference Proceedings

As part of GBA’s promise to help its members become better educated, more skilled, more professional, and more successful, GBA extended its conference experience to all active members. One of the key elements of a conference is the educational content offered, so GBA decided to capture its conference proceedings on video. Beginning in 2012, GBA started to record sessions at its conferences and offer the GBA conference proceedings on DVD. We now offer GBA members access to past GBA conference proceedings online, allowing members to watch sessions from conferences at their convenience, on demand. The attendees also can share  their favorite sessions from conferences with others in their company who were not able to attend.

The online videos can’t replicate the experience of attending a conference in person, with all of the opportunities for networking and collaboration that happen at a conference, but at least members can still learn from fellow GBA colleagues and experts on geoprofessional business issues by watching the GBA conference proceedings at their convenience. The online streaming format supports a range of mobile devices.

Thus all GBA members can now enjoy sessions from past conferences as one of the many benefits of GBA membership. And there’s never a charge for members – GBA conference proceedings are absolutely free to all members, making it totally affordable for any GBA Member Firm employee to get a taste of the conference experience. It’s just another way that GBA is dedicated to the success of its members.

Downloadable copies of all presentation handouts are available at Past GBA Events.

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