Mission and Strategy

Mission and Strategy


The GBA mission is to help its members and their clients confront risk and optimize performance.


GBA will accomplish its purpose through advocacy, education, and collaboration.


Geoprofessional firms provide geotechnical, geologic, environmental, construction-materials engineering and testing, and closely related civil-engineering and earth-science services.


  • Professionalism
  • Business focus
  • Responsiveness
  • Enjoyable relationships
  • Openness and trust


  • Transitioning away from 40+ years of administration and management by John Bachner and BCI represents the most significant change GBA has had to face.
  • The adopted post-transition management solution of self-management will require significant reorganization. Major commitment, effort, and focus will be required by the Board of Directors to ensure the success of GBA following transition.
  • Concerns about the value/quantity of materials and resources produced by GBA in recent years represent a significant threat to GBA’s future relevance. Initiatives developed at WLC 2014 to address this threat provide background and context to some of the strategic goals identified below.
  • GBA must continue to collaborate with key partner organizations to maintain its relevance in the geoprofessional world. However, prior goals to become an influencer of geoprofessional value in the marketplace, while originally well-intentioned, have been abandoned as both impractical and distracting from GBA’s purpose.


GBA is:

  • recognized as an essential business resource for geoprofessional firms;
  • an attractive, dynamic, growing organization;
  • a leader in advancing the geoprofessions; and
  • valued and recognized for its collaboration with key partner organizations.
  • Develop and implement a transition plan that results in a revitalized association producing quality educational materials and value for membership.
  • Develop a business structure for self-management that ensures the financial sustainability of the association.
  • Communicate with membership regularly and using a variety of media throughout the transition process.
  • Effectively manage key relationships with John Bachner, BCI staff, and Terra Insurance throughout the transition process.
  • Perpetuate and implement the rebranding from ASFE to GBA.
  • Identify prospective members and encourage them to join.
  • Achieve effective outreach to members and nonmembers.
  • Host at the Fall and Spring (Annual) Conferences representatives of targeted, Conference-local prospective-Member Firms.
  • Develop and implement marketing and branding plans.
  • Identify dues structure.
  • Identify other sources of income.
  • Continue to bring Member Firms’ “rising stars” into GBA.
  • Develop and promote peer-to-peer communications.
  • Develop and promote communication among Member Firms’ IT, HR, legal, and finance personnel.
  • Increase Fall and Spring (Annual) Conference attendance and engagement.
  • Increase committee role in achieving deeper and broader engagement.
  • Provide GBA Newslog to members and nonmembers alike, with each issue providing unique coverage of matters of importance to the industry in general and to those concerned about  geoprofessional-business success in particular.
  • Evaluate members’ preferences for existing materials, services, and programs on an ongoing basis. As necessary, update, consolidate, or otherwise improve those with continuing relevance. Discontinue those that are out of date and lack continuing relevance.
  • Develop new materials, services, and programs to help members deal effectively with new and emerging opportunities and threats.
  • Deliver Fall and Spring (Annual) Conference programs that attendees value highly.
  • Make selected Fall and Spring (Annual) Conference presentations readily available to a broader audience.