2020 Strategic Plan


To be the preferred source of business-educational resources, specifically risk management and business performance optimization, for geoprofessional firms.


Create value through unique member experiences that are not available elsewhere.


GBA serves geoprofessional firms that provide geotechnical, geologic, environmental, construction-materials engineering and testing, and related civil-engineering and earth-science services.


  • Professionalism
  • Collaboration on Common Issues
  • Responsiveness
  • Enjoyable & Rewarding Relationships
  • Openness and trust


GBA helps its members and their clients confront risk and optimize business performance by delivering unique professional resources, programs, and services that make them stronger, smarter and more successful.


GBA is recognized as an essential business resource for geoprofessional firms; an attractive, dynamic, growing organization; a leader in advancing the geoprofession; and valued and recognized for its collaboration with key partner organizations.

Sharpen our focus to deliver on the Value Proposition. 

  1. Keep messaging clear and impactful in communications with members, alliance organizations and the general public.
  2. Create an abundance of warmth and friendliness that enhances our ability to share and learn from each other and that is so fundamental to our brand.
  3. Provide opportunities for members to collaborate and solve common challenges.
  4. Promote connection by making GBA-branded merchandise and related products available.
  5. Complete the transition of resources and reference material to GBA’s current brand standards.

Develop a unique “member experience” to further drive value and connection. 

  1. Further enhance our conferences as a primary value driver for members.
  2. Diversify the Board of Directors to freshen thinking and bring new vitality.
  3. Further develop affinity groups that attract members.
  4. Focus our reference material to bring value to member-firms (i.e., GBA Best Practices, Case Histories, Business Briefs, etc.) and deliver them in high-impact and relevant ways that promote their use (i.e. website, NEWSLog, social media platforms)
  5. Maintain a connection with our members through personal outreach and surveys to understand how we can increase value and enhance engagement.
  6. Promote multi-generational and diverse relationships.

Highlight the accomplishments of members that promote our values, purpose and strategy while elevating our profession and contributing to our overall success. 

  1. Establish awards that honor our value proposition and create pride within our membership.
  2. Plan for and deliver GBA’s 50th Anniversary in FY2019-2020 to connect us with our past and create a powerful platform for a bright future.
  3. Highlight member contributions to GBA and their communities in a way that is both special and fun.