GBA Members

No other entity admires, respects, and supports geoprofessionals more than GBA and the individuals who comprise it; conversely, GBA wouldn’t exist without the support and involvement of GBA members, and that’s why GBA is the only organization dedicated solely to helping geoprofessionals meet their unique business challenges.

GBA fosters valuable business and professional relationships by bringing together members with common and complementary interests. In addition, GBA provides resources to help prospective clients find GBA members.

Most GBA members are consulting firms in the geoprofessions who are dedicated to excellence in their professional practice. Geoprofessional firms provide geotechnical, geologic, environmental, construction materials engineering and testing, and related professional services.

The remaining GBA members include GBA’s dedicated affiliated practitioners – firms and people who provide the services and information GBA Member Firms need to enhance their own businesses: professional colleagues at constructor firms, geoconstructor firms, geoprofessional practitioners within other types of firms, institutional faculty, government employees, and consultants to GBA Member firms.

Need the Guidance of a GBA Member Firm?

Look no further than our GBA Member Firm list for the best and most effective geoprofessional firms in the industry. Got something specific in mind? Search our Member Firm Directory instead.

Either way, you can be confident that the GBA Member Firm you find is one that has access to the tools, techniques, and opportunities needed to achieve excellence in their professional and business skills, leading to more recognition, more respect, more delighted clients and client representatives, and more referrals.

Are You a GBA Member Looking for Other GBA Members?

GBA provides a platform for GBA members to share knowledge, experiences, and business opportunities. GBA members frequently get referrals from fellow members whose clients have projects in areas where they are not active and just as often enter into partnerships for projects that require services or expertise that neither can provide on its own.

GBA members can access our Individual Directory to find full contact information for people at GBA Member Firms, as well as contacts for GBA’s affiliated practitioners.