About Geoprofessionals

Geoprofessionals are at the heart of many of the projects that make Earth habitable for humans and other living creatures, and they play a huge role in helping us learn about what’s below our feet. Their challenges are occasionally similar to those of other consulting professionals in private practices, yet they also have many challenges that are unique. GBA is the only organization dedicated solely to helping geoprofessionals meet their unique business challenges, and no other entity admires, respects, and supports geoprofessionals more than GBA and the individuals who comprise it.

In this section of our website, we invite you to learn more about what is a geoprofessional. We developed a definition of it on Wikipedia that has been generally accepted by others in the industry.

We also offer a Geoprofessional Value Proposition. Whether you are looking to hire a geoprofessional and wondering why you should, or you are a geoprofessional trying to explain to clients how you can best provide value to them, read this to learn why geoprofessionals are so important to projects.

GBA may be the only organization completely focused on geoprofessionals’ business challenges, but we are delighted to count among our allies many other organizations that serve the needs of geoprofessionals in other ways.

Our Geoprofessional Legacy Video series presents a series of interviews and panel discussions with early geoprofessional pioneers, all of whom were also instrumental in the formation of GBA. It’s so important to remember our history, and these people will impress you with their frank discussion of the challenges they faced in their careers as well as their inspiration and vision for the industry as a whole.

Finally, check out our “GBA Today” blog for the latest insights from leaders in the geoprofessions. Once you’ve finished learning about geoprofessionals, we hope you’ll be inspired to check out the rest of what GBA has to offer its member firms and others associated with the geoprofessional community.

In this section of our website, we invite you to learn more about geoprofessionals. No other entity admires, respects, and supports geoprofessionals more than GBA and the individuals who comprise it.