Focus Area

You might be a geoprofessional, but when asked what you do, you’ll say you’re an environmental professional. Or a CoMET field representative. Or a geotechnical engineer. And that focus area is really at the heart of your career and how you identify yourself first and foremost. And you’re most interested in what GBA has to offer someone like you.

While GBA exists to serve the business needs of all geoprofessionals, some of GBA’s most active committees are the ones that focus on specific areas of geoprofessional practice:

Each of these committees has put together a portal site that presents the committee itself, provides highlights of what it’s working on, and guides you to news and resources relevant to business practice in its respective focus area. The portals are intended to be comprehensive and useful to anyone – GBA member or not – so we invite everyone to visit these portals for valuable information of interest in your focus area.

If there is something you’d like to see added to one of these GBA focus area portals, please let us know

More importantly, if something you see in a GBA focus area portal is useful to you, consider joining GBA if you’re not already a member and volunteering for that committee. You’ll work with a group of dedicated volunteers all committed to enhancing their firms’ success in the same area. You’ll be able to discuss the challenges you face in your focus area with others who may be facing the same challenges and who may have found a solution they’d be happy to share. If others find it valuable too, it could even become the next GBA resource.

Not sure you want to collaborate with your competitors? GBA committees offer an environment of trust, allowing GBA members to work collaboratively on issues of common concern and helping all Member Firms explore opportunities and avoid pitfalls in their respective practices.

Join us. Get involved. Succeed.