Why Join GBA?

GBA affiliated practitioner membership offers an outstanding value. Affiliated practitioner members enjoy the same essential promise of membership as geoprofessional consulting firms: You will derive an outstanding ROI by applying the resources, knowledge, relationships, and education GBA has created to help its members and their clients confront risk and optimize performance.

As a member, you’ll get access to GBA’s online resources, publications, events , and networking and leadership opportunities to achieve success in your own career and for your company or organization.

In addition, affiliated practitioners who actively engage with GBA can expect the following from their GBA membership:

Recognition as an expert:

GBA affiliated practitioner members are welcome to serve on GBA committees and business councils and present at conferences, thereby making valuable contributions as thought leaders within the geoprofessional community and also gaining recognition as knowledgeable subject matter experts. Since GBA affiliated practitioners often have different points of view on geoprofessional issues, GBA Member Firms greatly value the services and information that GBA affiliated practitioners offer.

Valuable business and professional relationships:

Participation in GBA events allows affiliated practitioners to network with others in the geoprofessional industry in a casual, relaxed atmosphere where attendees can discuss issues of common concern and interest. Many conversations develop into longer-term professional relationships – and even genuine friendships.

New business and referrals:

GBA members know that other GBA members are just as committed to business success as they are. Having formed relationships with affiliated practitioners whom they trust as knowledgeable experts, leaders of GBA Member Firms often think of GBA affiliated practitioners first when they need help in their own businesses, leading to collaboration and business opportunities on both sides of the relationship.

GBA affiliated practitioners find membership in GBA incredibly rewarding – enough so that they typically remain members for many years.

So join us. Get involved. Succeed.