Peer Review

GBA applies 51 years of peer experience to help you prosper, and one of the most visible ways it does this is through GBA Peer Review. GBA Peer Review provides valuable feedback on your existing business practices so you can improve.

More than one of every four GBA Member Firms has used GBA Peer Review to:

  • evaluate policies that affect the quality of the firm’s services,
  • assess the extent to which those policies are followed,
  • identify opportunities for improvement, and
  • identify specific methods to achieve improvement.

Among its many other benefits, GBA Peer Review can be an important marketing attribute when clients regard participation in the Peer Review process as an important credential. It can help enhance the quality of your practice while simultaneously reducing your exposure to professional liability claims and losses.

Engineering News-Record lauded GBA (then ASFE) Peer Review as one of the 125 most significant construction industry innovations of the prior 125 years. GBA Peer Review was the only association program cited. Several insurers reimburse most of their insureds’ GBA Peer Review cost, a procedure initiated by Terra Insurance Company.

GBA Peer Review is voluntary. It is not used to grade a firm; it does not lead to a certification of any kind. The process has been designed solely to provide a framework for improvement. Firms participating in GBA Peer Review recognize that no one can better render informed guidance than peers who themselves have extensive, successful management experience.

Start your GBA Peer Review today to learn what your firm can do to be more successful.

Overview of the GBA Peer Review Process

Initiate a GBA Peer Review by selecting a peer review team captain who will serve as your trusted adviser throughout the process. The team captain will work closely with you to develop a detailed scope of service and to choose GBA Peer Review Team Members whose experience will help achieve your specific objectives. All peer reviewers are obliged to adhere to written ethical requirements.

The GBA Peer Review team reviews firm-supplied documentation, such as the strategic plan, organization chart, job descriptions, and policy statements, as well as responses to client and staff questionnaires. Participating firms that do not have documentation are advised to not prepare it until the review is complete, so it can reflect the GBA Peer Review team’s findings and suggestions.

On-site reviews commonly take two to three days, during which the team interviews selected employees, reviews additional documents, and examines management procedures. Peer reviewers evaluate their findings and, before leaving, provide an oral report. Although a written report is optional, almost all participating firms request one for use as a planning tool.

GBA Peer Review is a voluntary program through which knowledgeable peer practitioners evaluate policies and procedures affecting the quality of a firm’s services, and assess the effectiveness with which those policies and procedures are implemented. GBA recommends that firms undergo a GBA Peer Review at least once every five years. The GBA Peer Review program is open only to GBA members.

Steps to Start a GBA Peer Review

  1. Review GBA Peer Review Resources
  2. E-mail the GBA office, to request the GBA Peer Review control number that you, GBA, and all members of the GBA Peer Review team will use to refer to your GBA Peer Review.
  3. Select a peer review team captain (GBA’s Peer Review User’s Guide conveys some how-to guidance).
  4. Complete the GBA Peer Review Application Form below and submit it.

There is a GBA Peer Review administration fee due to GBA, but you pay it when your GBA Peer Review is complete.

When you start a GBA Peer Review, your peer review team captain will work closely with you to develop a detailed scope of service for the GBA Peer Review and based on what you agree should be done, will help choose peer review team members whose knowledge and experience will help you achieve your specific objectives.

GBA Peer Review Application Form

To schedule a Peer Review, complete the form below and click “Submit”. This form presupposes that you will have only one office peer reviewed. If yours is a multi-office firm and you want to obtain a firm-wide GBA Peer Review, please Contact GBA.

By submitting this application to start a GBA Peer Review, you have indicated that your firm realizes that certain restrictions apply to the manner in which your firm publicizes its participation in GBA Peer Review, and you have further indicated that your firm agrees to abide by these restrictions as part of the consideration required for its involvement in Peer Review.

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    Ackenheil Engineers, Inc.

    Antillian Engineering Associates, Inc.

    Arias Geoprofessionals

    Bay Area Geotechnical Group

    Cal Engineering & Geology, Inc.

    Cesare, Inc.

    Crawford & Associates, Inc.

    Earth, Inc.

    GeoEngineers, Inc.

    Geotechnical Consultants, Inc.

    Hirata & Associates, Inc.

    Lettis Consultants International, Inc.

    Lourie Consultants

    Northeast Geotechnical, Inc.

    Northern Geotechnical Engineering – Terra Firma Testing

    Pacific Geotechnical Engineers, Inc.

    Paradigm Consultants, Inc.

    Raba Kistner Consultants, Inc.

    Richard T. Reynolds, P.E., Consulting Geotechnical Engineer

    Scarptec, Inc.


    SNC-Lavalin, Inc.

    Southern Engineering and Testing, P.C.

    Strata, Inc.

    Welti Geotechnical, P.C.

    Yogi Kwong Engineers, LLC