Member Resources

GBA is the only organization dedicated solely to helping geoprofessionals meet their unique business challenges, and for that reason, members of GBA have access to exclusive GBA member resources. If you are unfamiliar with any of the GBA member resources listed below, we invite you to check them out. Contact us if you need assistance or have any questions about our GBA member resources.


Members can update their individual information for the Individual Directory here. Also, if someone is the primary contact for their firm, then they can update the information that appears about the firm in the Member Firm List and Member Firm Directory, including filling out detailed information to make their firm more easily found by potential clients searching for geoprofessional firms, and updating the list of employees associated with their firm.

Member Benefits:

All GBA members – whether Member Firms or affiliated practitioners – enjoy benefits related to the resources GBA offers and the relationships they develop through GBA. In addition, GBA has partnered with businesses that provide services to the geoprofessional community to offer discounts available only to members.

Individual Directory:

Find and network with geoprofessional colleagues at GBA Member Firms, as well as affiliated practitioners. The Individual Directory is fully searchable and provides detailed contact information for all individuals within GBA and GBA member firms. This directory is only available to members.


Volunteers on GBA committees and councils have MY COMMITTEE platform to facilitate their work, allowing them to store and share documents, objectives, and more. Access to these sites is limited to GBA volunteers and staff.

And the One You Want…

Is there something else you’d like to see offered as part of our GBA member resources? Contact us and tell us. We’re always looking for more ways to enhance the value of membership in GBA for our members.