Why Join GBA? GBA Member Firm Benefits

As a GBA Member Firm, your geoprofessional consulting firm will find what it needs to achieve business success.

GBA is the only organization dedicated solely to helping geoprofessionals meet their unique business challenges. No other entity admires, respects, and supports geoprofessionals more than GBA and the individuals who comprise it, and everything that GBA does is designed to promote members’ success.

The promise of GBA membership is that you will derive an outstanding ROI by applying the resources, knowledge, relationships, and education GBA has created to help its members and their clients confront risk and optimize performance.

Here are just a few areas of geoprofessional business practice where GBA can help your firm succeed:

GBA recognizes the value of human capital and provides resources to help members recruit, retain, and develop the best and brightest personnel available.

GBA members have free access to resources they can easily apply to help their staff improve job performance, produce better results, and deal confidently and effectively with the risks inherent in every project.

No other organization beats GBA when it comes to the tools, techniques, and opportunities geoprofessionals need to build their professional and business skills to achieve more recognition, more respect, more delighted clients and client representatives, and more referrals.

GBA resources help firms compete more effectively and attract quality-conscious clients.

GBA members frequently get referrals from fellow members whose clients have projects in areas where they are not active and just as often enter into partnerships for projects that require services or expertise that neither can provide on its own.

GBA helps members achieve a more meaningful and satisfying role in project planning, execution, and delivery.

GBA protects members by providing resources they can apply to confront a wide array of risks and make decisions about the next steps.

Don’t just take our word for it. Learn what keeps current members coming back year after year in their own words.

And check out the member benefits to see what GBA specifically provides to member firms that can lead to business success.

Join us. Get involved. Succeed.