What Our Members Say!

GBA member testimonials explain better than we ever could why GBA membership is so important for geoprofessionals. Read on to learn why members stay for years and how GBA has helped their firm succeed.

Sanborn Head is an active member of GBA because of the organization’s overall value proposition and ROI.  By actively contributing our industry knowledge and time to GBA, we are exposed to industry peers who openly share their experiences and expertise.  These opportunities combined with exceptional conference presentations and the organization’s reference materials makes our firm’s GBA membership a great investment with a tangible ROI that we see every day through our continued success.”

Matthew Poirier, P.E., Vice President/Principal, Sanborn Head & Associates

Matthew R. Poirier, P.E
” GBA is probably the highest return on investment that our company makes. Our investment is not just membership dues, it includes involvement through active participation in GBA. There is a cost to being a member but it is absolutely something we choose to do for our employees and our clients.”

      Laura Register, P.E.,   Director of Client Development Terracon

“I find this association so valuable because it is the only organization specifically dedicated to the business success of geoprofessionals.  GBA has great resources which help our firms prosper, but their secret sauce is the great friendships kindled at the conferences each year.  I am so thankful to be a part of this great organization!        

                  Matt Moler, P.E. , Senior Engineer, Project Manager S&ME

Matt Moler
“The most valuable platform for engaging the community of geoprofessionals is our GBA membership. It helps us continually adapt and keep our edge….Geoprofessional consulting practice can be a very tough business and it helps to know there is a family of geoprofessionals that care about each other and share their best insights. The information offered by GBA materials and conferences is valuable. The networking opportunities and bonding between geoprofessionals at GBA is priceless. Thanks to those I’ve met through our association with GBA, I became a more effective business person and geoprofessional. GBA has had a profoundly positive effect on my career and many of our next generation of leaders.”

                Kurt R. Fraese, L.G. President Fraese & Associates, LLC.

“GBA helps our firm get better. Grace and I have rock solid GBA relationships that have helped us immeasurably with significant business decisions. In today’s complicated economy, we need help, and we continuously turn to GBA for that help.”

    Thomas W. Blackburn, P.E., G.E. Senior Principal Blackburn Consulting

“Geotechnology has been a member of GBA for over 30 years and one or more of our principals have consistently attended meetings during that period. We…gain so much value from our membership and from attending the conferences. There is no other organization that is laser focused on the geoprofessional business. We have learned about risk management, business development, professional development, financial management and so much more. Most importantly, we have built a network of relationships around the country and have used those to benefit our clients and as peers to share ideas and experiences. Geotechnology would not be where it is today without our GBA membership.”

    Edmond D.Alizadeh, P.E., J.D. President and Chief Executive Officer Geotechnology, Inc.

“GBA helps our firm get better.”   Woodward L. Vogt, P.E., D.GE, F.ASCE, F.ACI, F. ASTM, F.GBA

Principal / President Paradigm  Consultants, Inc.

Woodward L. Vogt
Martin LaRoche, P.Eng. ” For our executives this is a very good association to exchange information with their peer managers and their staff. They can access very relevant material produced by GBA. GBA helps our industry to elevate itself. ”

Martin LaRoche, P.Eng. Kiewit Engineering

“I attend GBA conferences because the people I’ve met there and developed friendships with over the years happen to be some of the brightest, most insightful, clever, knowledgeable, successful, sharing, gracious, friendly, helpful and fun people I’ve had the pleasure to know in my 30 years in this business and I can’t wait to spend more time with them. I believe they make me better.”

        Arthur G. Hoffmann, P.E., D.GE.

Corporate Quality Officer Gannett Fleming, Inc.

Arthur G. Hoffmann
Chuck Gregory, P.E. “Terracon supports GBA, which is an organization that is uniquely focused on the business aspects of our industry and that provides a framework for networking with peers in our industry to help address common problems/challenges”

  Chuck Gregory, P.E. Terracon

GBA provides valuable resources that all our employees can have access to and can benefit from the membership. GBA Case Histories and Best Practices  are some of the most valuable resources for our firm.

   Leo Titus, P.E.  President, ECS-Mid-Atlantic, LLC


Ackenheil Engineers, Inc. has been associated with GBA since its inception, thanks in large part to my father, Alfred C. Ackenheil, who helped in the early days of the organization. As the second President of ASFE (1969), my dad would come home from activities he was involved in with ASFE and share around our dinner table how great it was to have a group of firms all collaborating together for the mutual good of the profession and how special he thought the association was for him and for his firm. I was a senior in high school back then. Little did I know that over fifty years later I would be saying many of the same things about this fine organization. But, I am. I am thankful that GBA has demonstrated remarkable authenticity and relevance while remaining true to its core beliefs and focus. GBA has always been willing to change when change was what was in the best interest of its membership. GBA has been a priceless investment to me and to my firm and as my dad would often say, especially for the relationships that we have had.

Susan Snow, Ackenheil Engineers

“DOWL has been a GBA member firm since the late 1980s. The culture of GBA members firms is focused on quality, integrity, service, and risk management which has been instrumental to our success as we have grown from 40 to over 500 employees.

Stewart G. Osgood, P.E. President & Chief Executive Officer DOWL

“Of course to get the most out of the organization you have to participate and the more I participated, the more I got in return.”

                                                                                          Richard T. Reynolds, PE, DGE Consulting Geotechnical Engineer

“GBA has been an integral part of our corporate culture and staff learning experience since our firm’s inception. GBA provides the best opportunity for geoprofessionals to work together to improve and advance our profession….We attend GBA conferences for the educational presentations that contribute to the successful operation of a geoprofessional firm. The presentations are first rate, but working on a committee with other geoprofessionals to advance the practice is the real reward for attending the GBA conferences.”

                                                              David P. Sauls, P.E. Senior Principal Geotechnical Engineer, Chairman of the Board GeoEngineers, Inc.