GBA publications are at the core of how GBA provides its members with the unique business tools that geoprofessionals need to succeed. GBA periodically reviews and updates GBA publications as needed to keep them relevant to today’s geoprofessional business challenges. You will find a wealth of information in them. In this section, you’ll find a complete list of GBA publications as well as separate lists of GBA publications broken out by type:

Case Histories:

GBA has collected over 100 case histories over the decades that demonstrate there is much to be learned from others’ mistakes. Read case histories to learn how to prevent many of the biggest problems geoprofessionals can face.

Best Practices:

This series of monographs from GBA provides guidance on how to optimize your business performance by using proven methods and techniques to maximize the effectiveness of your operations.

Business Briefs:

Among the newest GBA publications, GBA Business Briefs convey information that has short-term application. When they’re no longer relevant, they go away. Get the latest survey results and information on current – but transitory – trends with this series.

Training Curricula:

One of the most effective ways to disseminate GBA publications in your firm, GBA’s training curricula provide complete programs for in-house professional development. Each curriculum focuses on specific subject matter and includes an outline of topics to cover, supported by lists of relevant GBA resources for each topic. In addition, some include supplementary materials that make for a complete out-of-the-box course – easy (and very affordable!) for your training department to administer, and convenient for your staff.


The electronic newsletter of the association, this GBA publication is issued every two weeks. Concise, targeted, and timely articles cover topics ranging from developments in technology that impact geoprofessionals, to legal issues with geoprofessional implications, to business practices that can help geoprofessionals, and much more.

Use GBA publications to build professional and business skills leading to more recognition, more respect, more delighted clients and client representatives, and more referrals.