The Promise of GBA Membership

You will derive an outstanding ROI by applying the resources, knowledge, relationships, and education GBA has created to help its members and their clients confront risk and optimize performance.

How We Deliver Success

  • GBA provides highly effective resources developed to satisfy the unique needs of geoprofessionals, giving members essential tools for achieving success in business.
  • GBA fosters valuable business and professional relationships by bringing together members with common and complementary interests.
  • GBA helps Member Firms recruit and retain the best and brightest by providing the professional-development programs, services, and materials geoprofessionals crave.

Benefits of GBA Membership

GBA helps all members:

  • achieve business success
  • make connections and build trusting relationships
  • improve their profitability
  • find new opportunities for their businesses
  • communicate with and better serve clients and potential clients
  • by protecting the business environment
  • become better educated, more skilled, more professional, and more successful
  • grow their businesses financially and professionally
  • successfully confront business risks private-practice professionals must deal with every day

Who Can Join?

GBA offers membership to all who have an interest in and affiliation with the geoprofessions. It does so through two main categories of GBA membership:

Member Firm:

The Member Firm category of GBA membership is restricted to consulting firms in the geoprofessions, including one-person firms, who are dedicated to excellence in their professional practice. Geoprofessional firms provide geotechnical, geologic, environmental, construction materials engineering and testing, and related professional services.

Affiliated Practitioner:

GBA has five GBA membership categories available for affiliated practitioners – firms and individuals who provide the services and information GBA Member Firms need to enhance their own businesses:

  • professional colleagues at constructor firms
  • geoprofessional practitioners within other types of firms, government agencies and professional societies
  • institutional faculty
  • consultants to GBA Member Firms, and
  • life members.

Learn more about what GBA membership will do for you by exploring this section of our website. Then join us. Get involved. Succeed.