GBA Ambassador Initiative

                                                     GBA Ambassador Initiative

Improving Engagement through Principal Contacts

GBA Staff has identified an opportunity to more closely connect with the primary contact person from each Member-Firm to grow our database, promote engagement, and improve the value of GBA. We are calling them GBA’s  Ambassador to their firm.

The following is an overview of the step-by-step process used by GBA staff to execute on this opportunity.

Step 1: Your Responsibility (Take Charge or Pass It On)
Intent – Make sure we have the right primary contact in our database and make them aware of their responsibilities.

Step 2: Your Employees Are Depending on You (Update our Database)
Intent: Populate and update our database with as many employees of member-firms as possible.

Step 3: Make It Easy – Show Them the Way (Provide a Step-by-Step Path)
Intent – Show ambassadors how to access all of GBA’s benefits so they can pass it on to all their employees.

Step 4: Promote NEWSlog (Easy Way to Cash In)
Intent – Promote readership of GBA NEWSlog by our members.

Step 5: Celebrate Success! (Share success stories – success breeds success)
Intent – Show Ambassadors how to promote GBA membership and highlight the success of engagement in their firms. Also promote the GBA Annual Awards Program

Step 6: Keep It Going!! (Provide Ambassadors with tools to help their businesses)
Intent – Promote new publications, upcoming events, and member benefits as they become available.

With the support of an ambassador from each member firm, we hope to increase member engagement and increase the overall value of membership in GBA. We are committed to help all our members to be smarter, stronger, and more successful.