GBA Releases Five More Case Histories

GBA Releases Five More Case Histories:  51-55

GBA Publications Committee

Learn from others.  Don’t repeat  the mistakes of the past!  GBA Case Histories are being used by our members for loss prevention discussions in support of professional development and mentoring.That is why GBA case histories are so valuable, and why GBA is updating them all, while adding new ones, too. We are halfway there as five more case histories have been re-issued.

CASE HISTORY NO. 51 (download)

A complicated 70-acre riverside project with “Bay mud”, became more challenging when the excavation contractor and project civil engineer ignored the advice of the Member Firm and the client sued the Member Firm for negligence that caused $2.5 million in damages.

     Although the Member Firm’s CEO got personally involved and       “saved the day,” serious problems arose.    The firm had to pay              $350,000 to extricate itself, because a judge or jury  probably               would not have understood the technical intricacies  that                       proved the member was blameless.


CASE HISTORY NO. 52 (download)

The Member Firm was accused of an error it did not make on a very small project, but its survey crew inadvertently said the firm was at fault. The survey crew chief’s remark, overheard by others, resulted in the firm having to pay a $125,000 award.

CASE HISTORY NO. 53 (download)

A GBA member performing bridge design ran afoul of changed conditions in a small area, causing failure of post-tensioning anchors. Nonbinding ADR – resolution by experts – was used to resolve the original dispute quickly and satisfactorily

CASE HISTORY NO. 54 (download)

A Member Firm had to spend almost two million uninsured dollars to extricate itself from a football stadium rebuilding project. Problems arose when its original recommendations were not followed. The firm was unaware of certain changes that were made, but casual language in a report made that position difficult to defend.

CASE HISTORY NO. 55 (download)

The GBA member, an environmental consultant, performed quickly, at the client’s request, to facilitate a sale. As predicted, more contamination was discovered, but the client claimed the consultant had failed to perform the work it said it would, in a timely fashion. The consultant forfeited its $40,000 fee in exchange for a settlement.

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