GBA’s “State of the Workplace” Industry Report Returns – Survey Open Now

GBA Business Practices Committee

For the second year, GBA, in partnership with The Employee Engagement Group, is launching a historic “State of the Workplace” Industry Report.

These are critical days for our industry. Though business is booming for many, the threat of a recession, high inflation, declining workforce demographics, and unprecedented demands for pay and benefits have shaken even the most confident and optimistic leaders.

We have created this short survey to bring you some much-needed market intelligence. It will help gauge where you are, and where you are going – while also seeing what other firms are currently planning.

Specifically, we are asking questions related to latest workforce practices, including:
• Salary and merit budgets
• Recruiting trends – and where to find new candidates
• Turnover trends – both voluntary and involuntary
• Retention and engagement trends
• Recognition and bonus programs
• The hybrid and ‘work-from-home’ workforce statistics
• Benefit trends – including fully insured and self-insured options
• Time-off policies
• 401(k) match allocations
• Career development
• Diversity, equity, and inclusion
• … and much more!

Please complete this survey by clicking HERE. Please note, this survey is completely confidential and anonymous.

We’d like to hear from you not later than Friday, January 19, 2024. Everyone who participates in this survey will receive a summary report.

You’re also invited to join us for a complimentary live webinar on January 31, 2024 at 2 p.m. EST to learn the results of this survey as industry leaders Joel Carson, GBA Executive Director, and Bob Kelleher, The Employee Engagement Group President and Chief Engagement Officer, share the results of the survey along with their consultative insights.