JOIN THE CONVERSATION – Leading with Greatness

GBA has a rich history of uniting to tackle tough problems, collaborating on common issues, and working together to elevate our profession.

In a pilot program to promote growth and collaboration, interested GBA Members will independently watch the TED Talk “Leading with Greatness” then gathering together to discuss the contents in on a webinar in a facilitated “book club” format.  Together we will learn, share, and grow.

 Friday: October 27, 2017

Time:  2:00 PM Eastern, 1:00 PM Central, Noon Mountain, 11:00 AM Pacific

Duration: 1 hour

Facilitated by: Joel Carson

Space is limited: Sign Up Here

Leading with Greatness: A TEDTalk by Roselinde Torres

Regardless if you are just starting your career or an owner of your own business, you should strive to become a leader in your workplace. Roselinde Torres, a researcher in the field of leadership, spent twenty-five years observing and traveling around the world to study different leadership programs. Torres formulated three essential questions to ask oneself to be able to thrive as a leader at work. Through her TEDTalk, Roselinde proposes three crucial questions when trying to thrive as a leader.