Plan for the Next Recession Now – Three Resources to Help You

No one knows when the next recession will arrive, but most economists agree that another recession is certain. Most also agree that we’re getting closer to the next recession. GBA has three valuable resources available for members as they plan now for the next recessionary cycle.

Business Brief: Planning for the Next Recession Now
GBA Business Practices Committee

This Business Brief explores what can geoprofessionals do now to prepare for the next recession? 
• Create or Update Your Strategic Plan
• Strengthen Client Relationships and Increase Your Brand Equity
• Identify Ways to Increase Cash Availability
• Examine Your Financial Structure and Results
• Align Your Corporate Culture with Your Strategy

These themes are presented along with practices to deal with the recession once it arrives. The Business Brief focuses on how to help you prepare for and thrive during the next recession.

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Recession Tune-Up (Overhaul)
GBA 2020 Spring Conference

The last few years have been booming times for many GBA firms. Experience suggests that the business environment is cyclical, and how did the conditions just change! Tune-ups are best done before a breakdown, but better late than never.

The best practices of a tune-up should enable your firm to weather the changing business season in a timely, responsible, and empathetic manner. During this presentation, Guy Marcozzi, P.E., LEED AP BD+C, F. ASCE (Verdantas) shares a tool kit for your business tune up which includes considerations in aligning your team and business practices and developing an emotional bank to draw from while making hard decisions. Make the appointment to tune up your business for a healthy recovery. (82 minutes)

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Planning, Preparing and Executing for the Looming Recession
GBA 2020 Spring Conference

This presentation expands upon the What, When, Where, Who, Why and How of planning, preparing, and executing for a future recession. What should be done? When should needed actions occur? Where within your organization should this occur. Who should be the key people involved? Why is it important? How should this be completed? Lee James, CPA, CBI, CMC®, F.GBA (Lee James & Associates, Inc.) shares with you best practices and lessons learned from prior recessions; challenges and specifics to help you be better prepared; and the importance of being proactive in planning, preparing, and executing to best survive and thrive through a recession. Everyone will benefit from this presentation. (76 minutes)

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