Request for Support – Phase 1 ESAs 2014-2019 Study

GBA has been a leader in documenting the professional conduct Phase I Environmental assessments since 1987.

We have published many State of the Practice studies covering different time periods and these reports have been successfully used in court proceedings to defend professionals from accusations of failure to meet the standard of care.

Our last study covered the time period from 2007 to 2010, a period when EPA said a “good” professional would have considered issues that our study proved are not typically addressed. In 2013, ASTM revised the standard for Phase I report projects and so now, it is time to conduct a new study to see how that has affected the practice. It is critical to get a wide variety of reports for the project, from as many different geographic areas as possible.

See Phase 1 ESA State of the Practice 2007-2010 report HERE.

The Environmental Business Committee of GBA seeks your help. We are looking for Phase I ESA’s completed between 2014 and 2019 for inclusion in this next Standard of Care document. Please help by submitting reports from your firm. All reports should be submitted to Jerry Samford ( by October 15, 2020. You may have questions about the process, so please feel free to contact Jerry at any time.

More Information About Participation: HERE