Updated: Best Practice E-communication

GBA Business Practices & Legal Affairs Committees

Communication is critical to the success of any business. As our communication methods change to include an increasing reliance on e-communication, it is important for us to understand potential problems and solutions to those problems. This GBA Best Practices covers e-mail, and a wide variety of newer communication platforms you and your employees use regularly to help you manage risk and optimize
business performance.

This GBA Best Practices replaces Practice Alert 46 which focused on e-mail. It is revised to address recent usage and offers more suggestions to the problems. As its title suggests, covers e-mail, instant messaging texting, and the use of Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and so on. It is organized as a series of five problems, each accompanied by suggested solutions. The five problems are:
• failure to treat e-communication as formal communication,
• considering e-communication impermanent,
• thinking some employees are not affected,
• overreliance on e-communication, and
• failure to develop or enforce an effective e-communication policy.

Each problem is accompanied by a series of suggested responses.

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