Michael Allosso: You on your Best Day

You on your Best Day

You on your Best Day

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Michael Allosso is a master communications expert and self-awareness specialist who coaches CEO’s, teams and individuals in day-to-day communications, dynamic presentations as well as leadership excellence. He has led award winning workshops for leaders and sales teams all over the world and is a much sought-after personal coach. His client base ranges from insurance producers to construction managers, doctors to bankers, actors to politicians. As a professional theater and film director, Michael’s keen sense of observation enables him to immediately provide his clients with practical tools to fortify their strengths and refine their weaknesses.

Michael has traveled the world bringing his You on Your Best Day® program to a wide variety of organizations and businesses and has transitioned his program seamlessly to You on Your Best Zoom Day. He is a speaker and entertainer who brings life to any in-person or virtual event.

In this webinar Michael Allosso identified skills that individuals can utilize to enhance and upgrade their communications in both business settings with associates, employees, and clients, and with their personal relationships. Focus, concentration, observation, feedback, and micro-messaging are just a few of Michael’s 36 secret weapons that are needed to maximize communication effectiveness. (45 minutes)