GBA Timeline

1969 GBA is launched as ASFE
1969 Loss-Prevention Seminars Now incorporated into GBA Conference content
1970 Standard Clauses
1970 Free Publications All materials are available free to all members
1971 Limitation of Liability The most significant AE contract provision of the past 40 years
1972 Fundamentals of Professional Practice A unique six-month program for firms’ rising stars
1972 Case Histories 101 cases of geoprofessional mistakes, presented to help others learn
1972 Report Review An early sharing/self-help program
1972 Loss Prevention Manual Since replaced by a variety of specific, in-depth guides and manuals
1972 Audio Education Programs For project managers and geoprofessional field representatives
1975 Alternative Dispute Resolution GBA developed the first new alternative to arbitration in 100 years
1977 Peer Review ENR in 1999 named it the most innovative construction-industry-association-developed program of the prior 125 years
1984 Client-Directed Materials An array of materials GBA Member Firms use to educate client representatives
1985 ASFE Contract Reference Guide For many firms, the “contract bible”
1986 BackYard Seminars A highly cost-effective way to get highly effective seminars right in your own office
1988 ESA Research Documentation of the ESA standard of care
1989 Recommended Practices for Design Professionals Engaged as Experts for the Resolution of Construction-Industry Disputes The only known defense against hired-gun testimony
1996 ASFE White Papers Covering a variety of topics, with an emphasis on the future
1998 ASTM A GBA-led effort to fend off well-intentioned, but potentially catastrophic standards
1998 ASFE Practice Alerts  Monographs that provide outstanding information
2000 Project Manager Training Program  Now incorporated into BackYard Seminars
2004 Risky Business A great teaching aid (no longer available)
2006 Mold Research You may have a need to know the standard of care
2009 The ASFE Guide to Third-Party Reliance A great overview with wonderful model documents
2009 eBrownbag Unique programming that makes professional development a breeze
2009 GBA adopts new mission GBA takes it to the next level
2014 ASFE becomes the Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA)