Best Practices: Slipshod Synonyms

Resource Collaboration Committee

“Slipshod synonyms” (a.k.a. careless, sloppy, botched, faulty, inaccurate synonyms) are words that are used incorrectly in written and oral communication, from the belief they mean something that other words mean. One of the most common of these shows up only in writing it’s, when used to indicate the possessive form of it; i.e.,

“It’s areas of expansive soil will increase construction costs at the site.” In fact, it’s is a contraction that means “it is.” The possessive form of it is its, meaning that only “Its areas of expansive soil …” is correct.

Some examples included in this Best Practices document include:


GBA Best Practices: Slipshod Synonyms provides important guidance that will increase your awareness of these challenging words and help you avoid mistakes in proposals, reports, client communications and other communication to help you manage risk.
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