New Podcast – Site Safety

Multimedia Delivery Committee

Site safety isn’t black and white for geoprofessionals. In the newest edition of the GBA Podcast Audio Education Series, hosts Tiffany Vorhies (SME) and Ryan White (PBS Engineering + Environmental) reflect on the wise words of Charlie Terrain as they explore the gray areas, including:

1) Who to notify if you have a safety concern
2) Addressing concerns without causing undue delays, and
3) The fine line between taking an active role in job site safety and staying within the bounds of your firm’s contract.

With the GBA Podcast, we present information and expertise from geoprofessionals around the globe to provide you with wisdom and insight to help in your pursuit of knowledge. Other episodes in the Audio Education series cover topics like personal diplomacy, effective reporting, the duty of care, and field representatives and the law. Tiffany and Ryan cover each topic thoroughly, with candor, expertise, and personal anecdotes from their geoprofessional careers.

GBA Podcast: “Audio Education Episode #5 – Site Safety”