2021 Spring Conference Videos Available Now

Those that attended GBA’s 2021 Spring Conference agreed that the presentations were educational, entertaining, and inspiring. Now you can watch, listen to, and learn from these speakers too, on your own schedule.

These videos are available for all GBA members on-demand at your convenience.

Presentations Include:
• Gary T. Torosian: Business Snapshot Summary
• Guy Marcozzi, P.E., D. GE, LEED AP: Unlock the Future and Elevate Performance
• Expert Panel: BD & Marketing: Emerging Risks and Opportunities
• Kimball Olsen, P.E., DBIA: Design-Build Considerations: Helping You Manage Risk
• Expert Panel: We Were Hacked! Don’t Let it Happen to Your Firm!
• Erica Davis: The Changing Nature of Cyber Risk
• Expert Panel: HR Leaders Share How They Maintain and Acquire Their Most Valuable Asset – Their People

Featured Keynotes:

Lisa Napolitano: Strategic Client Management: The Key to Driving Growth & Competitive Advantage

Lisa Napolitano shares how smart companies during turbulent economic times find ways to leverage the uncertainty and draw closer to their clients as they, too, grapple with pressure and change. Such times offer a unique opportunity to position your firm as a trusted advisor able to bring fresh ideas to the table as key decisions are being made. Firms with a deliberate Strategic Client Management approach are already well positioned to take advantage of their relationship capital and gain the client’s share of mind. But it’s never too late to rethink how you manage clients. In fact, now is the perfect time to invest in client relationships and demonstrate  your relevance as a supplier and partner.


      L. Tyrone Holt, Esq.: Pandemic-Forced Changes to Handling Professional Liability Claims

The pandemic forced all parties involved in professional liability claims to adapt to changes in communication methods, business practices, and negotiation procedures. Mediations were virtual, “hot tub” sessions with experts were challenging to execute, graphics had to be entirely digital instead of hard copy, and the entire process was slowed as the systems adjusted. Those changes in some ways improved the process, but in many ways created limitations and frustrations. On the positive side, travel time and expenses were eliminated, but on the negative side it is much more difficult to read body language over Zoom or Teams. In some cases, the changes stirred concerns that an unfair settlement might be more likely. As the pandemic eases in 2021, we may think that these changes will all revert to the old ways, but that is not entirely true. Many of these changes will stick, whether you like them or not. L. Tyrone Holt, Esq. (Holt Group, LLC) discusses the pandemic-forced changes in handling professional liability claims, the pros and cons of those changes, and the long-term impact the industry is likely to experience.

Jessica Rector: Ignite the Burn Out: How Leadership Inspires the Disengaged

The top issues impacting individuals today are burnout and stress. Likely, one if not both of these issues have affected you or someone within your firm during the past 12 months. Burnout and stress are currently at an all-time high, and with many the home and work life is blurred and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Employees are feeling overwhelmed, unappreciated, and un-recognized, which decreases productivity, attitude, and performance. The #1 expense to organizations is burnout. It is an organizational and leadership issue affecting morale and bottom-line results. Research shows even the “best place to work for” Google has 53% burnout. Have you considered how much employee burnout is really costing your firm? Learn from Jessica Rector, MBA (JessICAREctor Enterprises) as she shares her research and shows how your organization can proactively anticipate burnout, how teams can stop stress from spreading to other work and life areas, and how leaders can ignite, motivate, and empower employees to build resilience, create a thriving culture, and tackle risks, uncertainty and challenges without burnout.

   Steve Farber: Lead with Love: The Strategic Advantage for a Physically-Distanced World.
From the bestselling author of The Radical Leap comes the first keynote to directly address love as a hard-core business principle that generates measurable results – now more than ever. Over the last 10 years, the business world has spent close to a trillion dollars on leadership development; yet 73% of people are still disengaged in their work. 10 years ago, that number was 70%.
Something is dreadfully wrong. Steve Farber (Extreme Leadership) has learned that the solution is to do something more radical, something extreme.

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