2022 Photo Contest Winners Announced

GBA is committed to promoting the value of geoprofessionals and for our 2022 photo contest we asked Members to share: “How do you depict the day in the life of a Geoprofessional?”

Over 50 photographers submitted this year and through the images they captured, the pride of geoprofessionals was on full display. We think you will agree, these vibrant photos capture our members in field activities, meeting with colleagues and clients, and observing safety in some amazing locations.

All winners’ photos will be featured  during the 2022 Fall Conference in October.

Thank you to all who submitted photos.

Grand Prize Winner

Photographer: Dallin Lindsay, Strata, Inc.
Photo Information: Teton County, Wyoming
Caption: Jackson Hole Airport Runway
Full Depth Reclamation, Beginning of the night shift FDR Observations


Overall First Runner Up

Photographer: Laura Mooney, CTL|Thompson, Inc.                               
Photo Information: Breckenridge, CO Reiling Drench in French Gulch

Caption: Up in the high country, a lot of our investigations include narratives of mining history on the site, for both environmental and geologic hazards. During the Ranch at Breck investigation, I created a map of placer mining activity on the site (shafts, audits, prospect pits, and historic structures) using historic hand-drawn BLM surveys from the 1800s. We followed up with a geologic hazard assessment. I also investigated the surrounding properties, which in this case included several larger mining areas such as the Sallie Barber mine, the Iowa Mill, and French Gulch, which the Reiling used to move up and down, dredging the creek for gold. The Reiling is now a historic site, so there are informational plaques around it and the hike to it. It operated in the early 1900s, dredging rock and leaving behind miles of those dredge rock piles along French Creek and the Blue River.



                                                                                      Overall Second Runner Up

Photographer: Samantha Sorensen, CTL|Thompson, Inc.
Photo Information: Near Denver, CO
Caption : Piers drilled at this location are used to increase foundation stability for private homes. At least 5 feet of bedrock must be dug through, here we are reaching a complete depth averaging 42 feet. The drill creates 18-inch diameter holes that are later filled with rebar and cement






Category Winners

Safety Category

Photographer: Joseph Meiburger, P.E., LEED AP, ECS                     
Photo Information: Annapolis, MD US Naval Academy Chapel
Caption : The chapel dome at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland undergoes a rehabilitation to the structure and cladding. The rehabilitation required an elaborate scaffolding system to allow construction workers and inspectors safe access to the work area.






Client Collaboration Category

Photographer: Jared Cohen, CTL|Thompson, Inc.
Photo Information: Vail, CO Vail Mountain Resort
Caption: Due to settlement of the existing lift tower                                                                    foundation, a new footing and tower was being constructed to replace the failing one. CTL|Thompson performed a rebar inspection for the footing and tested the concrete during placement. The photo represents the staging area during concrete placement operations.

We were staged at the top of the ski resort and concrete was flown to the footing by the helicopter with an attached cable and bucket assembly. At the time of the photo, we were performing pre-placement physical property testing of the concrete for spec compliance. Additional concrete testing was also performed during the placement.



CoMET Category

Photographer: Ethan Talabo, E.I.T., G2 Consulting
Photo Information: Trenton, MI

Caption: Overlooking a 300-foot deep former limestone quarry, turned landfill, as they raise grades using coal ash (coal combustion residuals, or CCR).







Environmental Category

Photographer: Gyan Bade, Hillis Carnes                                                                                             
Photo Information: Lovettsville, VA







Geotechnical Category

Photographer: Travis Halverson, P.E. Jorgensen Geotechnical, LLC                                                   
Photo Information: Alta, WY
Caption: Observing helical pier test probe installation for a proposed residence in Alta, WY with the Tetons in the background