2023-2024 Committee Leadership Announced

GBA Nomination Committee                                                                                           

During the Winter Leadership Summit held in early February, the Committee

Leaders were announced for our upcoming year.  They are:


CoMET Business Committee

Chair – Bryce Moore* (Blackburn Consulting)

Vice Chairs – Meghan McDonough, P.E. (Geo-Technology Associates),

                       Shawn Fitzhugh, P.E.* (CTL Thompson)


Environmental Business Committee

Chair – Margaret Panatera, P.E.* (GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.)

Vice Chairs – Daniel Gradishar, P.E. (Terracon)

                        Michael Roark, R.G., LEED* (Geotechnology, a Universal Engineering Sciences Company)


Geotechnical Business Committee

Chair – Blake Cotton, P.E., LEED AP* (GeoEngineers, Inc.)

Vice Chairs – Keith Mobley, P.E., G.E. (Northern Geotechnical Engineering)

                         Shawna Erter, P.E., D.GE, F.ASCE* (SCI Engineering, Inc)


Business Practices Committee

Chair – Jason Stoops, P.E., G2 Consulting Group

Vice Chairs – Donald Blackburn (Blackburn Consulting)

Matthew Van Rensler, P.E. (Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc.)


Legal Affairs Committee

Chair – James Attaway, Jr., Esq., P.E.* (S&ME, Inc.)

Vice Chair – Aaron Mann, Esq.* (Terracon)


Council of Fellows

Chair – David Lourie, P.E., D.GE, F.GBA (Lourie Consultants)


Emerging Issues and Trends Committee

Chair – Jeff Gebhard, P.E. (Braun Intertec Corporation)

Vice Chair – Helen Pappas, CHMM (Gannett Fleming, Inc)


Resource Collaboration Committee

Chair – Chuck Gregory, P.E., F.GBA (Terracon)


Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Chair – Veronica DeFreitas, P.E. (Universal Engineering Sciences, Inc)

Vice Chairs – Peter Suah, P.E., (Antillian Engineering Associates)

                         Robert Howard, P.E.* (Geo-Technology Associates, Inc.)


Multimedia Delivery Committee

Chair – Tiffany Vorhies, NACE CIP2 (SME)

Vice Chairs – Ryan White, P.E., G.E. (PBS Engineering +Environmental),

Jennifer Sanborn, P.E. (Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc.)

*Indicates Newly Appointed Leaders


On behalf of the GBA Board of Directors, thank you to all those who choose to share their time, talent, and leadership with GBA Committees.

We are always looking for more volunteers to participate in our committees.  GBA is built on a foundation of collaboration and contribution that benefits all, and GBA committee service fosters valuable relationships and leadership skills.

More information about GBA Committees can be found:  HERE