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4thFriday40 Leadership Series is a monthly webinar for GBA leaders at all levels to promote professional development, optimize influence, and facilitate achievement. In short, we want to help you to be a stronger, smarter, more successful leader.

In this edition, we will be joined by a good friend of GBA, leadership coach, and world-renown inspirational speaker, Eric Saperston. Eric Saperston is an unsinkable optimist who believes everyone can live an extraordinary life. He is an internationally recognized leader in professional development who empowers CEOs, executives, and audiences to Wake Up Excited and Go to Bed Fulfilled.

With a vision to change how businesses think, act, and operate, Eric works with leaders and organizations in nearly every industry to help transform company culture and create a better working world. Saperston has interviewed thousands of leaders, entertainment icons, and business tycoons to discover the common traits and differences which separate ordinary performance from legendary success.

As we know from his keynote presentation at a GBA Spring Conference, Eric Saperston has earned a reputation as a standing ovation keynote speaker.

This session, titled “Wake Up Excited and Go to Bed Fulfilled” is designed for leaders of all levels. Join us as Eric shares with us strategies to live a more energetic, enjoyable and fulfilled life.

Attend and earn one-half of a Professional Development Hour (PDH) for each webinar.

Free to all GBA Members.

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