4thFriday40 Leadership Series – October 21, 2022

John Doehring, will again be a GBA featured presenter, this time in support of the 4thFriday40 Leadership Series. John will share with us how forward-thinking and future-focused leaders today are aggressively pursuing new ideas, new approaches, and new methods – to accelerate their success into the Fast Future world ahead. Please join us for a high intensity, engaging, and entertaining, look at how these new, innovative approaches to strategic planning, leadership development, and operational execution can lift your firm beyond well the good – and blast off to extraordinary!

4thFriday40 Leadership Series is a monthly webinar for GBA leaders at all levels to promote professional development, optimize influence, and facilitate achievement. In short, we want to help you to be a stronger, smarter, more successful leader.

Attend and earn one-half of a Professional Development Hour (PDH) for each webinar.

Free to all GBA Members.

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